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by Ceki on August 11, 2017
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Somewhere Between is an American TV show produced by ITV Studios America and Thunderbird Entertainment, currently airing on ABC. It is based on the popular 2014 Korean mystery and supernatural drama God's Gift - 14 Days, starring Lee Bo Young. She plays the role of a distressed mother who goes back in time to save her murdered daughter. 

The American spin-off features Paula Patton as the mother and Aria Birch as her daughter. The husband is played by JR Bourne.

A mother tries to change the fate of her 8 year old daughter, as she knows where, when and how she's murdered, but doesn't know who kills her and why. 

Somewhere Between revolves around Laura Price and her daughter. After a series of murders in the vicinity, Laura realizes that she is reliving the day in a Groundhog Day-style reset. However, she has only one chance to understand what's happening and stop the killer from hurting her.

Somewhere Between premiered on July 24 and will have 11 episodes.

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