by Ceki, April 1, 2017

Hi, guys! I've noticed that there are not many Asian drama remakes of Western shows and films, so I've decided to compile a list of the ones I know about. In this article, I'm going to present eight official remakes and five unofficial ones. Feel free to post your own suggestions in the comment section. 

WARNING: minor spoilers!

NOTE: The unofficial remakes mentioned in the article are completely subjective and the result of my research. They are recommendations, which means that if you watched and enjoyed the "originals," you will perhaps enjoy the Asian "remakes" as well.

NOTE: This article is only about Asian DRAMA remakes because there are way too many film remakes.

The Good Wife

MV5BMTI2OTk4MDk3OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTY3  jLl2wZA4_00f85e_f.jpg

Official remake of: The Good Wife (2009) 

The story follows a housewife who must return to work and provide for the family after her husband gets arrested for corruption. The original American show is a bit more mature than the Korean remake, but both of them have amazing actors with outstanding performances. 

Check it out if you're into: politics, law, family drama.


poster-entourage-season-5.jpg  PL6708y3_44df3b_f.jpg

Official remake of: Entourage (2004)

This time set in Seoul instead of Los Angeles, the drama is about a rising star in the entertainment industry and his best friends. The American version received several seasons, even a movie adaptation; however, the Korean remake was a flop and many watchers found it to be quite boring.

Check it out if you're into: friendship, entertainment business.

Missing 9


Unofficial remake of: Lost (2004) 

They're similar because: they are both about a group of seemingly unrelated people who survive a plane crush and find themselves isolated on a mysterious island. Each one of them carries a secret or two. Missing 9 will probably go into another direction but the basic idea is still there. 

Check it out if you're into: mystery, suspense, stranded-on-the-island plots.

My Dangerous Wife

Gone-Girl1.jpg  E1VOkokL_9ba2cc_c2x.jpg

Unofficial remake of: Gone Girl (2014)

They're similar because: they are both about a husband and wife who appear to be a perfect couple in the public, but cannot stand each other in private. The husband is having an affair with his colleague until his wife mysteriously disappears and makes his life a living hell. The husband also has a sister. This is where the similarities end, and the Japanese remake becomes even crazier.

Check it out if you're into: crazy families, psycho wives and husbands.

Tower of Sand

MV5BMjM3MjM4NzMwMl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTQ4   Y4BQ5R63_c36e72_f.jpg

Unofficial remake of: High-Rise (2015)

They're similar because: they both take place at a tower block where the residents are divided by hierarchy - the higher you live, the richer and more privileged you are. Of course, as you can imagine, that kind of system is bound to inflame jealousy, vanity and bitterness among the residents. The original American film, based on the novel of the same name, centers around a single man, while the Japanese drama is about one family and one crazy specific neighbor who is the main "villain".

Check it out if you're into: crazy neighbors, family/psychological drama.

Cold Case

cold_case_compressed.jpg  jLl2vzd4_7b2350_c2x.jpg

Official remake of: Cold Case (2003)

The lone female detective played by Yoshida You will step into Kathryn Morris' shoes and try to solve the cases that have never been solved before - aka "cold cases". It has been reported that the first few episodes of the Japanese remake contain the same cases as the American show does, but later on they become more original.

Check it out if you're into: crime, investigation.


Skins_series_1_boxset.png  r1xra0w3_087cda_c2x.jpg

Unofficial remake of: Skins (2007)

They're similar because: they both deal with the modern issues of high school teens, their sexuality, drug abuse, bullying, violence etc. Win Chaichana, played by Chirathivat Pachara, has been said to closely resemble Tony Stonem, played by Nicholas Hoult. There are also other characters that seem to be counterparts to the original British cast. 

Check it out if you're into: mature themes such as the ones mentioned above. 

Ugly Betty (Tdrama) / Chou Nu Wu Di (Cdrama)

wpid-Yo-Soy-Betty-La-Fea.jpg  91M7NBn3_21f183_c2x.jpg

Official remake of: Yo soy Betty, la fea (1999)

The original Colombian telenovela has been adapted into numerous international remakes, including the Thai and Chinese ones. The story of an unattractive but intelligent woman who falls for her boss and in the end transforms into a pretty swan has captivated many people around the world. I guess it gives us some kind of consolation that even wallflowers and unpopular people can get their HEA after all.

Check it out if you're into: ugly ducklings, melodrama.

City of Light

MV5BMjAxOGRiNzYtNDBlMy00Y2I5LWFiOGItNTA1  Y4aKnOeL_31d7bc_c2x.jpg

Official remake of: The O.C. (2003)

The Orange County, California is replaced with Bangkok (I think?) but the plot seems to be more or less the same. There are eight people who get involved with each other, and we get to follow their dreams, love relationships and daily drama.

Check it out if you're into: romance, melodrama.

The Underwear: The Series

 77928-1.jpg  61GJdwo4_5d5e1b_c2x.jpg

Unofficial remake of: Undressed (1999)

They're similar because: it follows a group of adolescents, their love and sexual relationships. And I just couldn't help but associate this Thai drama with the American MTV show. 

Check it out if you're into: mature themes. 

Blind Date


Official remake of: Ciega a citas (2009)

Jiang Xin plays a young woman, who is still single. Her sister is about to be married and one day Jiang Xin overhears her mother talking to her sister, that if she will come to the marriage of her sister with a boyfriend, her mother will pay for the marriage. Jiang Xin has 258 days to find a boyfriend, in order to score off her bothersome mother and to enable her sister a wonderful marriage.

Check it out of you're into: romance, drama, family

The Last Cop

MV5BMjM2NzI0MDA2OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjA2  d3kyQb91_2c0471_c2x.jpg

Official remake of: The Last Cop (2010)

A police officer reawakens from a coma that has lasted for 30 years. He has to find out how the world has changed.

Check it out if you're into: crime, detective, investigation

Couple or Trouble

MV5BMjIzMjMxOTgzM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTAw  425360327870592214_8566d86f_c2x.jpg

Official remake of: Overboard (1987)

A cruel but beautiful heiress screws over a hired carpenter, who later is the first one to find her when she gets amnesia. Looking for a little revenge he convinces her that she's his wife.

Check it out if you're into: romance, amnesia plots, comedy