by Lily Alice, February 16, 2024

Avid K-drama fans know how big of a feat it is for a weekday drama airing on a pay TV channel to hit double-digits. And if that same drama also goes on to trend on a global OTT streaming service such as Prime Video in over 100 countries, it has undeniably marked its name among the all-time hits. Such is the case with tvN's Marry My Husband.

Starring Park Min YoungNa In WooLee Yi KyungSong Ha YoonLee Gi KwangGong Min JungChoi Gyu Ri, and Kwon BoA, among others, Marry My Husband is a fantasy drama that tells the story of a woman who, after coming to know the affair between her best friend and husband, gets murdered and goes ten years back in time to rewrite her life.

Since its release, the K-drama has become a sensation among both domestic and international audiences. With star power, a story adapted from a hit webtoon, and a tantalizing mix of fantasy and drama, Marry My Husband packs quite a punch. 

Now, as the K-drama draws near its conclusion, let's look at some of the most memorable moments it has left us with. 

Note: This article contains spoilers.

1. Park Min Young Tripping Song Ha Yoon

One of the most satisfying and unforgettable scenes from Marry My Husband is when Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young) deliberately trips Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon) in episode 2. 

After opening her eyes to the truth and traveling back in time ten years, Kang Ji Won vows not to live being treated as a doormat by others anymore.

She decides to change her fate for the better, and her first step to achieving that was not to succumb to Jung Soo Min's tricks and manipulations. 

In episode 2, when Kang Ji Won sees Jung Soo Min loading food onto her tray more than she usually eats and senses her sinister plan to embarrass her in public, knowing what is going to happen next, Kang Ji Won decides to turn the tables and make Jung Soo Min fall on Park Min Hwan (Lee Yi Kyung), giving her the taste of her own medicine. 

The scene was one of the most cathartic and funniest of the K-drama. It made us cheer for Ji Won and squeal with joy at her victory.

2. Park Min Young's Cinderella Transformation

Kang Ji Won's good fairy was her father, Kang Hyun Mo (Jung Suk Yong), but it was Yoo Hee Yeon (Choi Gyu Ri) who spun the magic wand, helping her go from flop to fab. To repay Kang Ji Won for her help, Hee Yeon gave invaluable advice to her new best friend, and with her help, Ji Won transformed into a better version of herself.

Seeing Kang Ji Won undergo a Cinderella transformation was a visual treat. Be it monochrome office outfits or cozy and elegant ensembles, Park Min Young rocked every look. 

Through her fashion, Kang Ji Won expressed that she is done giving up her happiness for those who don't even care.   

3. Choi Gyu Ri Proving Foodie Girls Are a True Charm 

Actress Choi Gyu Ri's character, Yoo Hee Yeon, is probably the most unique character who will ever grace the K-drama land. 

Several moments in the K-drama showcase Yoo Hee Yeon's passion for food, such as when she goes out to eat with Kang Ji Won or when she goes crazy for the cake Baek Eun Ho (Lee Gi Kwang) baked. 

Her bubbly and bright personality, radiant smile, and foodie-girl charm effortlessly won us over. What makes her even more lovely is her down-to-earth attitude, uncommon for K-drama characters hailing from chaebol families. 

There is never a dull moment when she is around. One of her most memorable moments was in episode 4 when she was dancing with joy upon getting a limited edition item bought by her elder brother, Yoo Ji Hyuk. Moreover, despite being Yoo Ji Hyuk's half-sister, she is never cold towards him. Instead, Hee Yeon never missed a chance to pull her elder brother's leg and loves him as much as she loves food!

Praise goes to actress Choi Gyu Ri for her flawless portrayal of such a charming character.

4. Park Min Young Grabbing Song Ha Yoon by Her Hair

Fights in K-dramas are incomplete without hair-grabbing moments. And viewers of Marry My Husband will agree Kang Ji Won and Jung Soo Min's brawl, where they grab each other by the hair, is one of the most iconic of all time.

In episode 8, when Jung Soo Min sees Kang Ji Won with the number one flag, she sneaks up on her and tries to steal it. But Kang Ji Won catches her, and under the pretext of her bracelet getting stuck in Jung Soo Min's hair, she thrashes Soo Min to the ground. 

The scene vividly portrays a new version of Kang Ji Won, who is no longer willing to let Soo Min, or anyone else, snatch anything from her anymore.

Throughout the series, the characters and the narrative deftly balance tension.

If the scenes showing Jung Soo Min and Park Min Hwan's wickedness were spiking rage, scenes like these, where Kang Ji Won teaches them a lesson, evoked catharsis.

5. Song Ha Yoon Realizing Married Life with Lee Yi Kyung is Not All Roses

When Jung Soo Min sees the true face of Park Min Hwan, the wave of realization drowns her in the bitter truth of reality. Her married life becomes a living hell as she finds herself trapped in the suffocating grip of her sleazy husband and bossy and hypercritical mother-in-law. Her dream of the fairytale-like life she imagined with Park Min Hwan comes crumbling down, and she goes ballistic. 

However, seeing Jung Soo Min face her harsh reality didn't evoke sympathy. Instead, the K-drama gave poetic justice by showing her regretting her decisions and growing frustrated with Park Min Hwan and his family. 

Moreover, we can agree that it was quite amusing to see Jung Soo Min and Park Min Hwan, despite their growing animosity, perfectly complement each other as husband and wife.

Both know how to lie their way out of trouble, use nasty tactics for their benefit, and go to any extent to achieve their desires. The chaotic duo are so much alike in terms of personalities, which makes them perfect for each other.  

What are your favorite moments from the K-drama Marry My Husband?