by Lily Alice, July 9, 2024

MBC's upcoming Friday-Saturday drama Black Out dropped its chilling title sequence.

Black Out tells the story of a young man, Go Jung Woo, who was branded as a culprit in a murder case, while the corpse was never found. After serving ten years in prison, he now seeks to uncover the truth of the case that turned his life upside down.  

The title sequence begins showing a spooky warehouse against the backdrop of a dark night. Blood splattering on plastic sheets hints something horrifying happened, and the images of a blood-soaked monkey wrench and a "murder case" label on a DNA analysis sequence suggest a gruesome affair that took place in the warehouse.

Go Jung Woo (Byun Yo Han) scans his surroundings with mixed emotions — surprise, confusion, and emptiness. Beyond his piercing gaze, an eerie scene unfolds, prompting suspicion about the village residents' connection to the incident. The curiosity about what exactly happened 11 years ago, the day when Go Jung Woo's life turned upside down, continues to build. 

As the mystery murder case is pursued, conflicts of interest and psychological war among the villagers ensue, promising a drama with unexpected plot twists.

Black Out will premiere on August 16. There is currently no news about the K-drama's global OTT service. Watch the video here