by Lily Alice, February 9, 2024

The Crown Prince Has Disappeared has dropped stills featuring EXO's SuhoHong Ye JiMyung Se BinKim Min Kyu, and Kim Joo Heon.

The Crown Prince Has Disappeared tells the story of Crown Prince Yi Gun (Suho) getting kidnapped by Choi Myung Yoon (Hong Ye Ji), who plans to marry him. 

The upcoming K-drama is a spin-off of Bossam: Steal the Fate.

Suho, who plays the role of Prince Lee Gon, commented, "I hope you have a happy Lunar New Year holiday with your loved ones." "Now, there's only a month left until the drama The Crown Prince Has Disappeared airs. It will be fun to watch it with the family gathered together. I ask for your love and support." 

Hong Ye Ji, who plays the female lead, Choi Myung Yoon, said, "I hope you and your family have a happy Lunar New Year holiday." She also expressed deep affection for the upcoming drama, saying, "As spring approaches, the premiere of our drama The Crown Prince Has Disappeared is also approaching. Please look forward to it with high expectations and love. Happy New Year." 

Playing the role of Queen Min Soo Ryun, Myung Se Bin expressed anticipation for the holiday season, saying, "The joyful Lunar New Year has begun, a time when families gather together." "I hope you celebrate the Lunar New Year and have a prosperous 2024."

Kim Joo Heon, who plays Choi Sang Rok, said, "I hope you have a vibrant year ahead." "Please look forward to MBN's The Crown Prince Has Disappeared airing on March 9. Happy New Year." 

Kim Min Kyu, who plays the role of Prince Do Sung, said, "The Lunar New Year of 2024 has arrived. I hope you have a happy start to the year." "I hope this year fulfills all your wishes and is filled with happy days."

The Crown Prince Has Disappeared is set to premiere on March 9.