by MilkteaAndPuns, May 28, 2019

I recently started watching Abyss, which is currently airing on tvN. Normally, when picking a new K-drama to watch, I like to have at least a general idea about what I’m getting myself into. This time around though, I went in blind, completely unaware of what the drama was about or who the cast was. So far, the risk has been worth it and I’m finding Abyss to be quite an enjoyable watch! 


The story revolves around two friends, Go Se Yeon, a pretty and successful prosecutor and Cha Min, a chaebol son who is a bit lacking in the visuals department. Both of them die, one in an accident and the other at the hands of a murderer, but are brought back to life through a mysterious orb, known as the abyss. However, their new appearances are based on how good their spirits were when they were alive. The once unattractive Cha Min is now a dashing young man while Go Se Yeon becomes a plain looking girl as opposed to her previous beautiful self. The two begin to work together at a law firm to solve the mystery surrounding their deaths.

- CAST -

Park Bo Young as Go Se Yeon

We are used to seeing Park Bo Young as the stereotypical cute girl in dramas, but in Abyss she takes on a different persona. Go Se Yeon is feisty, heady and knows how to get what she wants. She naturally takes the lead between the pair, which is a fresh diversion from the usual relationship dynamics portrayed in K-dramas.

Ahn Hyo Seop as Cha Min

This is my first time seeing Ahn Hyo Seop in a drama and let me tell you I’m hooked. He delivers an engaging performance as Cha Min who is mellow, passive and a bit self-conscious, which is a stark contrast to Go Se Yeon. His boyish good looks are also an added bonus.


The Plot

Personally, I like my dramas to be fast paced, especially if it has elements of mystery and suspense in it. So I am happy that this drama (at least up to now) isn’t beating around the bush in terms of plot progression. Also, it has so many genres wrapped into one compact story. Whether you are a rom-com addict or a crime buff, you are bound to find something in Abyss that might spark your interest.

The Chemistry

Honestly, I’ve been a bit fed up of watching overly cheesy romantic relationships in dramas lately. So this couple feels like a breath of fresh air. Their playful banter and antics are as real as it gets between two friends. I’m interested to see how they transition from friends to lovers especially given the premise of changed appearances.

One of the many complaints I saw about this drama from viewers was that the plot is a bit confusing and hard to follow. I must agree, a lot happened in the first episode which might have thrown people off. However, I assure you that it becomes a lot more understandable as the story progresses.

I wouldn’t say I’m completely bowled over by this drama. Neither can I promise that I’ll remain interested as more episodes keep rolling in since I have the tendency to always drop dramas around the halfway mark. Also, it’s not something completely unique that we haven’t already seen in dramaland. But if you are looking for a good drama to pass your time and if you are fans of either of the two main leads, it will be quite worth the watch.

Thanks for reading!

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