by Ankita, October 18, 2018

I wouldn't lie, Where Stars Land didn't really seem to have a fresh story when I first started to watch it. Story of lives of people working in an environment (in the present case, airport), girl being miserably bad at her job, guy being extremely good at his job, guy always being a saviour to the girl, ultimately falling in love with her, occasional problems coming their way and breaking up only to patch up again and have their unrealistic "happily ever after".  It wouldn't be honest of me if I say this is not the case with this drama.

But hold on! Before you presume I am anti this drama and this is an article giving you reasons why not to watch it, let me clarify, yes, these details about the plot are true (or might stand true in the future), but there are also reasons which make this drama worth watching, and they overpower the reasons not to watch. 

So let's dig right into the reasons to watch the drama!


Yes! That seems like a very weak reason, but believe me, even if the girl is pathetically bad at her job, she can effortlessly pull off the damsel in distress looking extremely cute at the same time. The guy, oh god, he couldn't be more interesting. As I am getting older, I have realized I like quiet guys more than childish and chirpy guys.  Obnoxious and narcissistic guys are funny and all, but sometimes you just crave mature characters. 

Even the supporting cast is very entertaining and engaging. Each one of them has distinctive personalities and very vital roles. This drama has everything! Quirky characters, serious characters, inspiring characters, loathable characters, and any other type of character you can think of. 


Okay, more like the specially abled superhero. So beyond this point, there's a minor spoiler which most of you would have guessed, but I still warn you, spoiler alert!!

So, the male protagonist met with an accident when he was young and he uses a prosthetic arm, but surprisingly, that arm is very strong that gives him a sort of a superpower, which he wants to hide from the world, and he can only do that by maintaining a low profile. But much to our disbelief (ignore my sarcastic tone), he can't do that because of the troublesome female lead whom he has to save every time. 

I was genuinely sold because of this reason. It is not every day that you see a drama with such a distinctive male protagonist. The drama community has made so accustomed to male leads who are filthy rich and drop-dead gorgeous with a potty mouth. And mostly, the decent guys are the second leads. I am so happy to see a good guy playing the lead character. This drama is one the very few shows where the male protagonist has been given the liberty to show his human flaws. 

Well, isn't it progress in the drama world? 


So, you all know coffee table books, but what is a coffee table drama? Don't bother Google-ing it, you wouldn't find it because it's something I made up. So, basically, coffee table drama is a drama which you don't give much thought to, they basically are feel-good dramas. There's nothing distinctive about them but are based on classic plots. Basically, they are very predictable yet engaging. Eg: A Poem a DayMarriage, Not Dating, and Oh My Venus

Many times I crave a drama that is not very stressful, not much of melodrama, in short, I don't have to apply my brain much. That's when I say I need a coffee table drama, which I can watch leisurely. This is one of those dramas. Sometimes, simplicity is what you crave and it is perfect for those times.

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