by Hazel Jung, May 26, 2023

On the 24th, Park So Jin met with Star News for a round interview to commemorate the conclusion of the ENA Thursday drama Bo Ra! Deborah (written by Ah Kyung, directed by Lee Tae Gon and Seo Min Jung) at a café in Jangchung-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul.

Bo Ra! Deborah, which ended on the 25th, is a story of overwhelming romance that begins when dating coach Deborah (played by Yoo In Na), who believes love requires strategy, and publishing planner Soo Hyuk (played by Yoon Hyun Min), who believes love requires authenticity, work together to create a dating guidebook.

Park So Jin performed impressively as Lee Yu Jung, Bo Ra's best friend and lifestyle magazine editor. She portrayed the lovable and frustrated Yu Jung, who is bothered by her indifferent husband, with liveliness, perfectly fulfilling her role as a catalyst in Bo Ra! Deborah.

When asked for her thoughts on the drama's conclusion, Park So Jin said, "I'm thankful to the colleagues I spent the cold winter with. We took care of each other and had enjoyable shoots, so I'm also grateful for that. I'm grateful for being able to portray the character Yu Jung."

Having earned recognition as an actress after her time in a girl group, Park So Jin confessed that she now feels a sense of satisfaction as her true self, as 'the genuine Park So Jin.' Having entered her 13th year since debut, she seemed to have finally found her place, as she described.

Park So Jin stated, "The most significant change since my debut is the 'fun' aspect. Now, I find joy in my work. The biggest difference is that I can use myself. In the early days, it felt like I was shaving off parts of myself to fit into the product I was trying to create. Despite loving music, I couldn't feel the enjoyment. Now, I am much more satisfied with my work."

On the other hand, many people still miss Park So Jin as a singer. When asked if there was a chance to see her on stage again, she cautiously replied, "Currently, I have no plans for that, and I'm not sure if I have the ability for it."

She continued, "I simply loved music. I find talented singers impressive and admirable. It feels fantastic to be able to express oneself through music. However, if you ask me if I have that aspect in me, I'm not sure. Strangely, it feels like a 'dream' inside my heart," she confessed.