by Lily Alice, February 23, 2024

Recently, Park Min Young had an interview at a café in Seoul for Marry My Husband, during which she shared her experiences and thoughts about her character and the K-drama. 

This marked her first media interview since the controversy that erupted two years ago. Park Min Young had previously addressed the issue with an apology at the press conference for Marry My Husband.

Talking about that, the actress said, "I don't want to turn that unpleasant incident into something that never happened. I wanted to convey my sincerity in not making the same mistake again." She added, "It might seem like a quick return [to the screen], but if I hadn't done it, there might not have been such an opportunity [as this one]."

Going on to talk about her experience, Park Min Young recalled the challenging process of transforming into Kang Ji Won, saying, "Initially, because my character was a terminally ill cancer patient, I got my weight down to 37kg. Because I only drank ion drinks, I had no strength. And when I screamed, I used to get tinnitus and would feel dizzy. Since I am not a great actress, I felt like I needed to break my body a little [deteriorate my health] to get a little closer to that feeling [of how a terminally ill cancer patient feels] when acting. Two weeks later, when I shouted after my body had strengthened [a bit], it felt so refreshing. Clear vocals came out. I thought I should approach it with this feeling when I [my character] went back to 10 years ago [in the drama]. The new Ji Won needed a more mature appearance because she [had returned after] experiencing death."

When asked why she chose Marry My Husband, Park Min Young stated that the message conveyed by the K-drama was the reason. She mentioned that she drew strength from the story of a woman who seeks happiness after being betrayed by her husband and best friend.

"There are times when you wish tomorrow would never come. I've felt that too. While working on the project, I kept telling myself, 'I am Kang Ji Won,' 'I can rise too.' Through this drama, I wanted to provide something interesting to those who are tired of [their] lives," she said.

When asked what Marry My Husband means to her, she said, "This is the project I got when I was experiencing the worst time [of my life]. In some ways, I thought I couldn't do it, so I met with the production company's CEO to politely decline. But the production company's CEO, CP, director, and writer said, 'It has to be Park Min Young.' They said they really wanted me to do it. It was an attempt at a project that I tried after someone advised me that it would be better to show myself more as an actor [especially] in times like this. I guess I already disappointed those who trusted me once. To not cause further disappointment, I worked even harder." "I wanted to show that I gave my all in every moment, and I wanted to surpass myself. Although I felt scratched [flawed or obstructed by setbacks in life] as a human, as an actress who has been acting for 20 years, I decided to [go with a] do-or-die [attitude] because I felt so dignified. There was also underwater filming, which I managed on my own. Therefore, it [the drama] feels even more meaningful." 

Talking about her character, Park Min Youn expressed she felt a kind of empathy towards Kang Ji Won. She said to The Korea Times, "I may seem extroverted but easily grow lonely inside. So when I felt Kang was always lonely, I felt a sense of empathy … (With the makeover scene,) that moment hit me. She could've looked like that all this time, but she didn't because she didn't live for herself. And reflecting on myself, I may always seem flashy, but I realized I've never really taken care of myself."

In response to the question, "Was there a reason for setting Ji Won's hairstyle to short hair," Park said, "In Marry My Husband, Ji Won's appearance was so similar to the character's smile in What's Wrong with Secretary Kim. I thought people might spot the resemblance, so I considered cutting my hair short. When I thought life hit rock bottom, I wanted to transform. It felt like living a new life, so I changed [my hairstyle] to a short haircut and also switched stylists to get a new look. However, there were communication issues in the middle, so I went back to the team I had worked with for ten years. I admit there was a point in the middle when the transformation attempt deviated a little from what was allowed for the drama. I think I was too fixated on the fashion trends of 2013. However, because the work itself is [in] fantasy [genre], I had the desire for a change, so that's what I intended." 

When asked if she is considering entering the United States, the actress replied, "I've auditioned before. ... Due to circumstances, I couldn't go in person, but during the COVID-19 period, I auditioned via Zoom. It was fun. [Now,] after forgetting about that for a while, I have gained the courage to go [about it] again and the desire to try, so I'm thinking about auditioning in earnest. I think it'll be fun. I have no fear of [acting in] foreign countries. It's the same even with [doing] unfamiliar things."

Lastly, when asked what she would like to do if she could go back to the past like Kang Ji Won, she expressed her desire to give herself a break in her 20s. She felt she had been too engrossed in her acting career and had dedicated all her time to work.

"If I were to go back, I would like to tell Park Min Young to take a break sometimes. If you run too fast, you might get tired, and if you hit a big wall, it will hurt just as much. So, I'd like to advise myself to stay strong and find happiness," she concluded.

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