by Lily Alice, February 8, 2024

The first teaser for the Genie TV original series Midnight Photo Studio has been released.

Midnight Photo Studio unfolds the story of Seo Ki Joo, a photographer who runs a photo studio only for ghosts, and Han Bom, a passionate lawyer who ends up working with him.

The teaser commences by showing the door of an intriguing studio swinging open. The interior of the studio, adorned with the patina of time and peculiar cameras, leaves viewers wondering about the nature of this place. Moreover, eerie sounds on top of the mysterious ambiance further stimulate viewers' imagination.

Seo Ki Joo (Joo Won) is the 7th generation photographer managing this mysterious photo studio passed down through generations in his family. Soon, lawyer Han Bom (Kwon Na Ra) finds herself entangled in this peculiar photo studio as well. 

The customers of this photo studio are far from ordinary. This is evident in the scene where Ki Joo captures Bom's image, and a ghost appears as Ki Joo presses the shutter after saying, "Then, let's take the picture." This studio is a place that welcomes the deceased who have treaded the difficult path back from the afterlife out of sheer desperation. This is the reason it is only open at night.

The purpose of this photo studio is to take pictures to relieve the desperation of ghosts and help them ascend to heaven. 

Thus, whatever happens here is both eerie and heart-wrenching. As depicted, Ki Joo sometimes finds himself being grabbed by an angry ghost, while other times, he desperately runs away to avoid the ghosts that attack him in droves. However, amidst the chaos and fear, there are moments of humor to give comic relief.

The production team stated, "The long-awaited Midnight Photo Studio will premiere on March 11 at 10 p.m. (KST)," and added, "Please look forward to the drama and see what kind of various happenings will unfold in this strange photo studio that operates only at night and accepts ghosts as guests."