by Lily Alice, February 27, 2023

The tvN drama Crash Course in Romance got its best-ever rating of 14.29% for its 14th episode. The drama observed a surge of interest since its previous episode, which achieved a viewership of 11.35%. The show's average rating for the last week is 12.82%. With this, Crash Course in Romance now enters its finale week. Let's hope the Netflix rom-com ends on a high note. 

When and where to watch the K-drama Crash Course in Romance?

Crash Course in Romance will air its 15th episode on March 4. The drama is available to watch on Netflix

The family drama Three Bold Siblings broke another record by garnering an average nationwide rating of 27.6% for its 45th episode. The drama's average viewership rating for the last week is 26.4%. 

When and where to watch the K-drama Three Bold Siblings?

Three Bold Siblings will air its 46th episode on March 4. Watch the drama on Viki and Wavve

Meanwhile, Red Balloon concluded its series with its highest rating of all time. The drama ended with a viewership of 11.56%. Its premiere rating was 3.74%, and the series achieved its first double-digit rating for its 18th episode. The average viewership for the entire show is 7.47%. 

Where to watch the K-drama Red Balloon?

All the episodes are available to stream on Viki and Wavve.

The office drama Agency also ended with its best-ever rating of 16.04%. The show premiered with a rating of 4.79% and steadily gained interest over eight weeks of airing. It achieved its first double-digit rating for its 8th episode, and since then the show's popularity only sloped upwards. The average rating of the entire K-drama is 9.95%. 

Unfortunately, the series is currently not available to stream on OTT platforms.