by Lily Alice, February 28, 2023

The South Korean television broadcaster KBS has unveiled character posters of the upcoming K-drama Oasis

The posters showcase the characters in dark outfits with sombre expressions, which gives contrasting vibes compared to the previous group poster of the drama. 

In the group poster, the three main characters are seen hanging out in school uniforms, showcasing their friendship. Whereas, the recent character posters portray them as adults finding their way in the harsh world. It looks as though their friendship witnessed a crack and the harsh circumstances took away their innocence, leaving them broken and distrustful of others. 

Oasis tells the story of three youngsters, their dreams, conflicts, struggles, and aspirations. 

Lee Doo Hak (Jang Dong Yoon) is a high school student hailing from the humble province of Jeolla. He belongs to a poor family but is a smart student with potential. He would have led an ordinary life had it not been for unfateful circumstances that throw him into the whirlpool of conflicts and lead him to become a gangster to avenge his father's death. 

Oh Jung Jin (Seol In Ah) is a transfer student from Seoul who befriends Choi Cheol Woong (Choo Young Woo) and Lee Doo Hak (Jang Dong Yoon). Brave and honest, Jung Jin always steps forward to fight against injustice. And Choi Cheol Woong (Choo Young Woo) is Doo Hak's childhood friend and rival. 

Apart from Jang Dong YoonSeol In Ah, and Choo Young WooOasis casts Do Sang WooHyun Seung HeeJin Yi HanIm Seung Joon, and Jeon Noh Min, among others. 

When and where to watch the upcoming K-drama Oasis?

Episode 1 of the K-drama Oasis will air on March 6. Stream it on Wavve