by lo_ve, April 2, 2024

Kim Da Mi and Son Suk Ku are the newest duo in K-drama!

On April 2, Disney+ confirmed the main cast of the upcoming K-drama Nine Puzzle. Kim Da Mi and Son Suk Ku will lead the upcoming mystery thriller K-drama and the two will work together with director Yoon Jong Bin

Nine Puzzle will showcase the journey of a profiler who was the only eyewitness of a case from 10 years ago and a violent team detective who is suspicious of the profiler as a suspect. The two will dig into a serial murder case with a mysterious puzzle piece. 

The upcoming K-drama will be the newest work of director Yoon Jong Bin (Narco-SaintsThe Spy Gone North, and Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time) and writer Lee Eun Mi (Navillera and Tunnel). 

Nine Puzzle is scheduled to premiere next year. It will exclusively air on Disney+.

Kim Da Mi will portray the role of Yoon Yi Na. She is a profiler and part of the Criminal Analysis Team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Forensic Science Department. She is also the only witness and suspect in her uncle's death 10 years ago. She wants to know the truth about what happened in the case in her own way. 

This will be the grand comeback of Kim Da Mi to the K-drama world. She was last seen in the 2021 K-drama Our Beloved Summer. The actress will also lead the upcoming movie The Great Flood.

Son Suk Ku will portray the role of Kim Han Saem. He is a detective and part of the Violent Crimes Team. He is known for his persistence and sharpness. His four-dimensional behavior confuses the people around him. 

This will be the follow-up K-drama of Son Suk Ku after the 2024 Netflix original series A Killer Paradox. The trending actor will also star in the upcoming movies Troll Factory and Virus


Are you excited to see the new K-drama starring Kim Da Mi and Son Suk Ku?