by Lily Alice, April 16, 2024

Actress Kwak Sun Young takes on the challenge of action acting in Crash.

In the K-drama, the actress plays the role of Min So Hee, the chief of TCI who will do anything to solve a case. 

Expressing her excitement, she said, "The script was really interesting," adding, "Especially, the line 'Grabbing the steering wheel instead of a knife' left a strong impression on me." The Hospital Playlist actress remarked, "I was surprised to learn that accidents caused by cars, which are usually thought of as a means of transportation, are more numerous and diverse than I thought."

Noting the significance of the drama's theme and message, Kwak Sun Young revealed the reason for choosing the project: "[Imagining] the TCI team tracking down villains on the road and capturing them made me feel exhilarated to the point where I thought, 'I definitely want to try this.'"

Min So Hee is a character who possesses all the qualifications and skills required for the job of a detective, such as martial arts and exceptional driving skills. Therefore, Kwak Sun Young had to acquire the necessary action skills for her drama character.

Contrary to the expectations of it being challenging for someone going to the action school for the first time since her debut, Kwak Sun Young said her experience was "exciting and enjoyable." She continued, "Of course, I had concerns about [how I would manage to] get it all together during the actual shooting, but thanks to the good planning by the martial arts director and the cooperation of the martial arts team, there weren't any major difficulties."

Commenting about her character, the actress said, "Min So Hee is not only skilled but also deeply committed to justice and has a lot of integrity. She never bends in the face of injustice but also knows how to handle crises flexibly," said Kwak Sun Young.

Inviting viewers to tune in to the drama, the actress said, "I hope viewers can feel and enjoy all the passion and effort the TCI team has put into solving traffic crimes". She concluded by saying, "From scorching summers to chilly winters, everyone worked really hard. I hope viewers will watch attentively how the members of TCI come together to solve various traffic crime incidents."

Crash will premiere on May 13. More news about the K-drama's global OTT streaming service is yet to come.