by Lily Alice, April 16, 2024

Actor Lee Min Ki comments on his character in Crash

Crash is an investigative drama about the Traffic Crime Investigation Team (TCI) solving traffic crime cases.  

In the K-drama, Lee Min Ki portrays Cha Yeon Ho, the new head of the Traffic Crime Investigation (TCI), equipped with sharp analytical skills. 

The actor said that he found the K-drama's script interesting and went on to elaborate on the charm of his character.

He particularly noted that Cha Yeon Ho is not a typical protagonist, saying, "Cha Yeon Ho has almost none of those macho or hero-like characteristics often displayed by detective characters. He doesn't go punishing villains in a cool and tough manner." His decision to take on a character who has the same profession as the characters from his previous works was also influenced by this factor.

He also pointed out Cha Yeon Ho's strengths, saying, "As a slightly smarter team member of TCI team, he contributes to solving cases together [with other team members]. As a KAIST graduate and someone who has experience working as an insurance investigator, he contributes to investigations in whatever way he can." Pointing this out, he emphasized, "Cha Yeon Ho doesn't take the lead, but he definitely has his place."

Furthermore, Lee Min Ki added that the theme of the K-drama — traffic crimes — brings about interesting action scenes not commonly seen in other dramas.

The actor also explained that the charm of Crash lies in the TCI team's synergy and unity. "Each character fits [perfectly] like a puzzle piece," said Lee Min Ki, not forgetting to boast about the cast's teamwork by adding, "That's why I think we had [more] fun, especially on days when the entire team gathered together for filming. The atmosphere on set was really good." 

The significance of bringing attention to traffic crimes, which often result in more casualties than homicide cases but receive less attention, was also pointed out. Lee Min Ki shared his honest feelings, stating, "It was shocking because several episodes were inspired by real-life events." He also conveyed hope for a world where criminals would be punished for their crimes without loopholes, expressing gratitude and encouragement to those striving towards that goal.

Crash will premiere on May 13. More news about the K-drama's global OTT streaming service is yet to come.