by Lily Alice, April 2, 2024

The upcoming ENA drama Crash has unveiled the first stills of Lee Min Ki, the new head of the Traffic Crime Investigation Team. 

Crash is an investigative drama about the Traffic Crime Investigation Team (TCI) tracking unusual traffic crime cases and uncovering the truth behind them.

Cha Yeon Ho is a talented individual who graduated from science high school early and entered the mathematics department at KAIST at the top of his class. Moreover, he boasts impressive qualifications, holding various certifications related to traffic crimes.

However, for some reason, before studying abroad at MIT, he unexpectedly became an insurance investigator and eventually joined the Traffic Crime Investigation Team as the new head.

The stills give a glimpse of Cha Yeon Ho as an unconventional detective. With his neatly styled hair, buttoned-up shirt and tie, and round glasses, he epitomizes the image of a nerd. Furthermore, his eccentricity of riding a bicycle while investigating traffic crimes, coupled with his lack of social skills and tact, further amplifies this aspect.

The production team commented, "Cha Yeon Ho is a character with many stories and charms, who cannot simply be defined as the new head of the Traffic Crime Investigation Team. Through Lee Min Ki's in-depth research, who did not miss any detail, a character with even greater depth has been brought to life." 

Crash will premiere on May 13. More news about the K-drama's global OTT streaming service is yet to come. Stay tuned for updates!