by Lily Alice, February 28, 2023

MBC's new Friday-Saturday drama Joseon Attorney released a motion poster showing Kang Han Su (played by Woo Do Hwan) in the blue sky background.

His sly expression and the words, 'Just tell me about unfair things and grievances!' on the poster indicate that Kang Han Su is a master exploiter who knows how to convince people to get what he wants. 

As the title hints, Joseon Attorney is set in the Joseon period and tells the story of lawyer Kang Han Su who exploits the wronged victims and their feelings to his advantage. However, the obnoxious lawyer hides a painful past. Kang Han Su pursued law to dig into the mystery of his parents' deaths and take revenge on the murderer. 

But as he gains experience, he unintentionally becomes a people hero and turns into a just lawyer. 

Will Kang Han Su punish the culprit who murdered his parents?

Apart from Woo Do HwanJoseon Attorney also casts Bona (last seen in Twenty-Five Twenty-One in the lead role of Go Yu Rim), Cha Hak Yeon (famous for playing Oh Kyung Tae in Bad and Crazy), Chun Ho Jin (known for playing supporting roles in hit dramas like Doctor StrangerChicago TypewriterLife and My Liberation Notes), Song Geon He (last seen as Thomas Cha in Missing: The Other Side Season 2),  and Choi Hyun Jin, who, despite his young age, has held guest roles in hit K-dramas like Extraordinary Attorney WooTaxi Driver, and Hyena

The drama will be helmed by Lee Han Joon and Kim Seung Ho. Its screenwriters are Choi Jin Young and Jung Ho Rak

Check out the motion poster on MBC's official Twitter channel.

See the teaser trailer below!