by Lily Alice, February 23, 2023

Netflix has released another trailer for the revenge thriller The Glory Part 2

The trailer begins with Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) revealing to Park Yeon Jin's (Im Ji Yeon) husband, Ha Do Young (Jung Sung Il) the agony - and the scars as a result of it - that his wife inflicted on her. 

But despite everything Dong Eun has done to avenge herself, Yeon Jin has no plans of asking for forgiveness.

The next scene shows the return of Son Myeong Oh (Kim Gun Woo), and him reaching out to Dong Eun saying that he is innocent, probably to exclude him from her revenge plan. 

But Dong Eun seems determined to pay back every one of her perpetrators what she received in no amount less. The following scenes show the chaos, the conflicts, and the battles she will be facing head-on with a few allies on her side like Joo Yeo Jung (Lee Do Hyun), and Kang Hyun Nam (Yeom Hye Ran). 

Part 2 of the drama will also further explore Joo Yeo Jung's (Lee Do Hyun) story about his trauma and past that we only got glimpses of in season 1. In the trailer, he says that he is planning on living like a madman, which indicates that he too will exact revenge on his enemy.  

Whereas Ha Do Young (Jung Sung Il) will finally discover the true nature of his wife and the horrible things she did to Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo). But the question now stands whether he will stand by the wronged Dong Eun to give her the justice she deserves, or by his evil wife Yeon Jin to protect his image and reputation that may get tarnished in Dong Eun's plan of revenge. 

When and where to watch the K-drama The Glory Part 2?

The Glory Part 2 will be released on March 10 only on Netflix.  Meanwhile, check out the latest trailer of the upcoming K-drama.