by Dojemi10, June 26, 2020

Actor Park Bo Gum  has reportedly received his military enlistment date, and is set to begin his duties on August 31st.  Park Bo Gum's agency, Blossom Entertainment, released an official press release, 


This is Blossom Entertainment.

This is an announcement regarding actor Park Bo Gum’s military enlistment.

Actor Park Bo Gum was accepted as a cultural promotion soldier of the navy, and he will be enlisting on August 31, 2020.

He will complete filming for the film “Wonderland” and drama “Record of Youth” (literal title) prior to his enlistment.

We ask for your support so actor Park Bo Gum can fulfill his military duty in good health.

Thank you.

It is known that Park Bo Gum applied to the Navy under the influence of his father, a former Navy soldier. In addition, he majored in musicals, and possessed a high level of songs and piano skills.

The actor had just finished filming the movie Seo Bok and stated that he plans to finish working on his remaining projects titled Wonderland and Youth Record  prior to his enlistment.

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