by Lily Alice, September 26, 2023

We have been given a sneak peek into the intriguing transformation of actress Park Eun Bin through the release of captivating posters and stills from the upcoming tvN drama series Castaway Diva.

Directed by Oh Choong Hwan, this new tvN Saturday-Sunday drama is a captivating tale of Seo Mok Ha (Park Eun Bin), an aspiring singer, who was stranded on a desert island for 15 years before making her way back to civilization. Park Eun Bin, known for her acting prowess, has garnered attention by taking up the role of Seo Mok Ha. 

In the released stills and poster, we catch a glimpse of Seo Mok Ha's dreams and daily life on the island. 

In the stills, Seo Mok Ha has been building her life on the desert island since an accidental shipwreck left her stranded there. She has honed her survival skills by swimming in the sea, building physical strength, and ingeniously repurposing washed-up debris into essential tools for survival. She even showcases her resourcefulness by fashioning torn nets and seashells into wearable accessories, wasting nothing in her determination to survive.

Despite seemingly adapting seamlessly to island life, Seo Mok Ha still clings to her dreams of becoming a diva, much like her admired singer, Yoon Ran Joo (Kim Hyo Jin). Curiosity deepens about why Seo Mok Ha ended up on the desert island and what drives her desire to become a singer.

The "Mok Ha's Dream" poster, with the tagline "The story of rescuing your drifting dreams", and her sparkling eyes make us curious about her future and leave us eager to see how Mok Ha will navigate the journey to achieve her goals. Like a lighthouse by the sea, it is hoped that Seo Mok Ha can be a beacon of hope for those stranded on their respective deserted islands.

Castaway Diva will premiere on October 28 on Netflix.