by Lily Alice, July 8, 2024

KBS2's upcoming thriller Perfect Family has finally confirmed its premiere slot for August.

Perfect Family tells the story of Seon Hee and her family, who appear happy and perfect to everyone. However, their world is shaken when Seon Hee's friend, Kyung Ho, dies, setting off a series of major twists. 

The mystery revolves around Choi Seon Hee (Park Ju Hyun), who is involved in the murder case, and the truth she hides, as well as the events that unfold involving her father, Choi Jin Hyuk (Kim Byung Chul), and mother, Ha Eun Joo (Yoon Se Ah).

The cast includes the SKY Castle couple Yoon Se Ah and Kim Byung Chul, as well as Yoon Sang Hyunand Kim Do Hyun alongside young talents such as Kim Young DaePark Ju HyunChoi Ye Bin, and Lee Shi Woo, with a special appearance by Kim Myung Soo. 

Kim Byung Chul plays Choi Jin Hyeok, a lawyer and the adoptive father of Choi Seon Hui (Park Ju Hyun). Jin Hyeok is a character who quit his job as a prosecutor and became a lawyer for Seon Hui.

Yoon Se Ah plays Ha Eun Ju, a stay-at-home mom and Seon Hui's adoptive mother, who will do anything to protect her daughter.

Park Ju Hyun takes on the role of Choi Seon Hui, the only daughter of Ha Eun Ju and Choi Jin Hyeok, who showered her with abundant love. Seon Hui seems perfect, as she always takes first place in everything, but she is a character who does not easily open her heart.

Kim Young Dae plays Park Gyeong Ho, a popular boy with good looks, and a cool and gentle personality. He is the only son of a wealthy family and falls for Seon Hui at first sight. He confesses to her multiple times but is always rejected. After saving Seon Hui from danger, Gyeong Ho finds himself entangled in misfortune.

Yoon Sang Hyun plays Choi Hyeon Min, a character who gains people's trust with his kind face and voice. He persistently digs into the weaknesses of Seon Hui's family, adding a layer of tension to the plot.

Choi Ye Bin takes on the role of Lee Su Yeon, a tough high school girl who cannot tolerate being looked down upon by anyone. Su Yeon carries deep wounds inflicted by Seon Hui during childhood and approaches her with a plan for revenge.

Lee Shi Woo plays Ji Hyeon Woo, who is always second place in popularity votes and studies. Hyeon Woo has a good personality, is considerate of others, and has a crush on Seon Hui.

Kim Do Hyun transforms into Sin Dong Ho, a violent crimes department's detective. Dong Ho is a tenacious character with excellent skills and intuition, who chases down cases to the end once he gets involved.

Kim Myung Soo makes a special appearance as Lee Seong Woo, Dong Ho's junior and partner detective. 

Perfect Family will premiere in August. The release date and the global OTT service are yet to be revealed.