by Lily Alice, October 14, 2023

KBS 2TV's upcoming historical K-drama The Matchmakers is nearing its release, and the fans can hardly contain their excitement. 

The Matchmakers tells the story of Shim Jung Woo, a widower and the grumpiest man in Joseon, and Jung Soon Deok, a widow leading a double life.  

What's particularly fascinating about The Matchmakers is Jung Soon Deok, the character played by Cho Yi Hyun. Officially, she is the second daughter-in-law of a noble family, but unofficially, she leads a double life as a highly-skilled matchmaker. 

Shedding light on why she chose the drama, the All of Us Are Dead actress commented, "It's true that I initially felt apprehensive after only hearing about it being a historical drama before reading the script". "However, after reading the script, I found the role of Jung Soon Deok to be very intriguing, all the characters were cute, and the story was solid. I felt a great appeal to it, not only as an opportunity to showcase a new side of me but also as a chance for personal growth".

She also expressed excitement about returning to KBS after approximately three years, stating, "When I played Jin Ji Won in School 2021, I felt good portraying a serious and bold role. But in The Matchmakers, I am thrilled to showcase a different, more cheerful side".

When asked to define her character in one word, Cho Yi Hyun said that Soon Deok is a sweetheart. "Soon Deok is positive, always putting love first and living her life with the power of love".

The actress also shared the similarities and differences between herself and Jung Soon Deok. "What Jung Soon Deok and I have in common is that we both care about the people around us. But the difference is that Soon Deok is a very outgoing person, while I am more introverted".

Cho Yi Hyun also shared that Rowoon, who plays the lead alongside her, has been supportive, saying, "Rowoon was very considerate and has been a great help in creating a comfortable atmosphere. He has made it easy for me, the younger one, to discuss the work. Thanks to him [Rowoon], I feel like we've grown closer in a short amount of time". 

The actress also expressed her gratitude for her senior actors saying that they have been very supportive and their warmth and encouragement gave her the strength to work harder. 

In conclusion, Cho Yi Hyun shared, "I think the highlight of Soon Deok is her double life. I hope everyone enjoys watching a character that has been crafted with so much thought, from head to toe".

She added, "This is my first time as a lead in a historical drama, so I am nervous, but since it is a project I chose, I am doing my best". 

The Matchmakers will premier on October 30 on Viki.