by lo_ve, May 26, 2022

Seol In Ah will possibly be the female lead of the upcoming KBS drama "Oasis."

On May 26th media outlet Sports Chosun reported that Seol In Ah has been selected as the female lead of the upcoming drama "Oasis." Jang Dong Yoon also received the offer to star in the upcoming drama. 

Seol In Ah's agency Gold Medalist hasn't responded to the casting reports. 

"Oasis" will depict the story of the turbulent times during the 1980s to 1990s. It will showcase the life, struggles, revenge, and conflicts of young people who had to have power and wealth in an era with wrong social values.

Seol In Ah was offered the role of Oh Jung Shin, the daughter of the owner of Namhae Theater. She was born in 1961. After experiencing heartbreak, Oh Jung Shin will get motivated and enter the film industry to revive the theater. Jang Dong Yoon on the other hand got the offer to play as Lee Doo Hak, Oh Jung Shin's acquaintance in Yeosu. 

If Seol In Ah and Jang Dong Yoon confirmed their casting, this will be their reunion project after starring in the KBS drama "School 2017." This will also be the possible reunion of Seol In Ah with the director.

"Oasis" will be directed by Yoon Sung Shik ("Mr. Queen") and the script will be penned by  Jung Hyung Soo ("Jumong").  No other details have been revealed yet for the broadcasting date.

If Seol In Ah decided to star in "Oasis," this will be her follow-up drama after the hit SBS series "A Business Proposal." 

This year, Seol In Ah became more famous after being part of the SBS drama. Her chemistry with Kim Min Gue and Kim Se Jeong was loved not only by local viewers but also by the international fans. Many discovered Seol In Ah and her charms through this drama.

Seol In Ah made her acting debut in 2015. She usually plays the role of the second lead in dramas. She was part of the series "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon," "Special Labor Inspector Jo," "Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life," "Record of Youth," "Mr. Queen," and more. 

The actress will also join the upcoming film "Nikangnaekang" with Yoon Shi Yoon.

Seol In Ah recently guested on the variety program "I Live Alone."


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