by Lily Alice, February 1, 2024

Netflix has unveiled the release date, a teaser and a poster for My Name Is Loh Kiwan.

The K-movie tells the story of Loh Ki Wan (Song Joong Ki), a North Korean defector who arrives in Belgium with the last hope of life, and Marie (Choi Sung Eun), a woman who has lost the reason for living. The K-movie has confirmed its release date for March 1.  

On January 31, News1 reported that Netflix has restricted the movie to a mature audience, making it not suitable for teenagers to watch. Their official statement said, "The audience rating and release schedule will be revealed separately."

The teaser poster captures Loh Ki Wan standing alone amidst a crowd, in an unfamiliar land and among unfamiliar people. The text reads "I have decided to survive in this land".

The teaser portrays Loh Ki Wan's challenging journey to Belgium alone. After much struggle, he finally arrives in Belgium. However, the harsh reality of enduring severe cold and hunger in an unfamiliar place where he has nothing weighs heavily on his heart.

Then comes Marie, a woman aimlessly going on with her life. The two are seemingly similar yet different. Loh Ki Wan says, "I have managed to come this far by promising myself that I would endure and overcome whatever hell I experienced in this land," which shows his desperation.

The teaser concludes with the title cards reading "I have decided to survive in this land."

My Name Is Loh Kiwan is set to be released on Netflix on March 1. Watch the teaser here