by Wandering_Queen, February 9, 2019

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Love triangles, the most complicated non-existent problem for nearly every drama. Love Triangles have been active since Ancient Greece and were made even more popular by Shakespeare, the King of Complicated Love, Mommy Issues, and Tragedy. There is a certain attraction to love triangles that have kept it alive this long, however, there are a lot of problems with love triangles. Let's get started with the list.


                                                            INDIVIDUALITY DECREASES                                                             

This happens in a lot of dramas involving love triangles and its a bit upsetting. They take fun and cool characters and bog down their individuality once a love interest presents themselves little by little. This happens to both characters in the drama, where it becomes more about them being together rather than each of their personalities coming together. This can technically be an issue with all romance dramas, however, it is ever present in a love triangle.

                                                           DISREGARD FOR FEMALE LEAD                                                      

This is a combination of the decrease in individuality and the viewership of the drama. Love triangles can be seen as targeting a female demographic. I’m not trying to stereotype female viewership, but I find we (as I am a female viewer, but in no way am I trying to represent all my fellow females, but dare to use "we") tend to be frustrated with the female lead more than the male lead. Don’t get me wrong, male leads piss me off at times, but often female leads will start off strong and then lose their individuality and seem weak in front of the male leads, who are fighting over them. 

                                                              DEVALUING MALE LEAD(S)                                                              

Yes! I am going to defend all the male leads and second male leads, who had to be stuck in those love triangles waiting for one single clear answer from the female lead. The biggest reasoning - it is not right to mess with someone's feelings or to devalue them. The second leads get mistreated the most because they tend to be someone who already knows the female lead and they end up forgotten or taken for granted. The definition of  Second Lead Syndrome was brought alive because of this. What is worst, is usually dramas make it appear as the second lead will never find love again! How depressing is that? In addition, you don't often see proper male leads with two female leads going after them. The second female lead in dramas is usually made out as the antagonist compared to the second male lead. She literally stands no chance to get the male lead. 


The minute there are two male leads and one female, there is bound to be a love triangle. They have become so predictable, to the point where we know exactly who will end up with who. There is no surprise to it anymore. You will often find many dramas marketing a female lead in the center and two males on either side of her in drama posters. Love triangles are practically a sport, now. With everyone being Team Male Lead versus Team Second Lead. Ah, that poor second lead. Always fated to lose and give many Second Lead Syndrome. There is no originality in love triangles anymore. I, honestly, haven’t a found a drama with a love triangle that wasn’t predictable.

                                                                        STORY LINE DETOUR                                                                   

Another downer with love triangles, is they take away from the story. It is no longer a story about solving a murder or getting revenge but choosing between this guy or that guy. This is totally frustrating and disappointing because the focus is on the romance when it was originally about something else. Then near the end, they take a step back without carefully flushing out the plot as it was supposed to be.  

                                                                           REALITY CHECK                                                                           

Something that bugs me more than anything is that love triangles do not happen in real life. It only ever a problem in dramas, which makes them just an unbelievable scenario from the beginning. It, also, isn’t that hard to figure out who you love. Yes, love is messy but it isn’t that messy. I’m sure having two people interested in you is nice at first for a fantasy, but it sounds more problematic than it is worth. It is, also, not right to string people along, if you have no intention or inclination to be with them. Seriously, love triangles are messed up in reality. Entertaining to watch when done right, hell to actually be in. I am well aware that dramas are fictitious, however, they are made on the basis that an audience will connect with them. You increase the chances of restricting your audience when you use this trope.


Well, that is all the problems (I personally have) with love triangles. Interesting enough, the solution (if you wanted it) for making love triangles "natural" is by properly addressing these issues. I'm certain many of you in the community have a drama that did justice to love triangles. There are good examples out there, so I welcome you all to put them down in the comments below because I would love to hear all of them! 

                                                                        UNTIL NEXT TIME!                                                                        


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