by Ceki, October 18, 2018

The Golden Eagle Awards, is one of three main national award ceremonies recognising excellence in the Chinese television industry. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious television awards, alongside the Feitian Awards and Magnolia Awards. They have been held on alternate years with the Feitian Awards since 2005. Let's check out the winners!

Best Actors

(The Advisors Alliance)
He Bing
(The Love of Courtyard)
Hou Xiang Ling 

Best Actresses

Ding Liu Yuan 
(Original Aspiration)

Most Popular Actor: Li Yi Feng 

Most Popular Actress: Dilraba

Best Television Series: The Story of Late Premier Zhou Enlai 

Outstanding Television Series: White Deer Plain, Pretty Li Huizhen

Best Director: Chen Li, The Story of Late Premier Zhou Enlai

Best Screenwriter: Shen Jie, Feather Flies to the Sky

Best Cinematography: Zhi Lei, Nothing Gold Can Stay

Best Art Direction: Wang Shaolin, The Love of Courtyard

What do you think about the winners?

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