by Ceki, July 28, 2019

Hello there! Are you ready for more manga adaptations? Some of these titles have been recently released or started airing, but most of them are set for release in the second half of 2019.

Make sure to check out PART 1 and the 2018 manga adaptations as well! 

NOTE: The synopses were taken from MDL and manga sites respectively. The article does not guarantee accuracy since the info regarding these dramas/films can change in the future.


Coffee & Vanilla

Based on "Coffee & Vanilla" by Takara Akegami (2015)

Demographic:  Shoujo

A love story between Risa Shiroki and Hiroto Fukami. Twenty-year-old Risa Shiroki comes to Tokyo from her hometown in the countryside to attend university. Pretty and popular with male students, she has never had a boyfriend and dreams of having a sweet love. One day, thirty-year-old Hiroto Fukami appears in front of her. He is a businessman who appears to be gentle and looks perfect. As romance blossoms between them, Risa discovers Hiroto's dark past.

Babysitter Gin

Based on "Babysitter Gin!" by Waki Yamato (1997)
Demographic: Josei

Gin, a man dressed as an English maiden inspired by his childhood nanny and the story of Mary Poppins, established a babysitting agency solving the problems of parents from different families in his own way.

Nagi's Long Vacation 

Based on "Nagi no Oitama" by Misato Konari (2016)
Demographic: Josei

28-year-old Oshima Nagi works for a home appliance manufacturer in Tokyo. She conforms to her surroundings as she constantly gauges people’s moods. Because of that, her goal is to pass each day without incident. However, as a result of reading too much into situations and pushing herself too hard, she collapses from hyperventilation. One day, Nagi’s boyfriend says something that breaks her heart. This prompts her to reexamine her life, and she makes the decision to change it.

Afro Tanaka

Based on "Koukou Afro Tanaka" by Noritsuke Masaharu (2001)
Demographic: Seinen

It follows a 24-year-old Afro-haired young man named Hiroshi Tanaka who falls in love for the first time.

Medical Examiner Asagao

Based on "Kansatsui Asagao" by Naomi Kimura and Kagawa Masahito (2006)
Demographic: Josei

Asagao is a rookie forensic scientist, who works at a university forensic medicine class in Kanagawa Prefecture. She is a licensed doctor and respected by those around her. Asagao lives with her father Taira, who is a veteran detective. Asago's mother died in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake disaster, and her mother’s body was never found.


Based on "Heaven?: Gokuraku Restaurant" by Noriko Sasaki (1999)
Demographic: Seinen

Iga Ken works at a family restaurant. Kanako is a mysterious woman. She tells Kan that she is going to open a French restaurant soon and that "The staff needs originality. You will be a good serviceman."
The French restaurant is located in a cemetery, which is itself away from the busy streets and residential areas. The staff at the French restaurant do not appear suited for such a restaurant. Why does Kanako gather these people? Will the French restaurant open?

Fake Affair 

Based on "Gisou Furin" by Akiko Higashimura (2018)
Demographic: Josei

Hama Shoko is a 32-year-old single woman and a contract worker. She is not good at romance and does not have a boyfriend, but she wants to get married. Still unable to find the right guy, Hama Shoko decides to take a solo trip. While on the airplane, she meets a handsome younger man. Hama Shoko lies to him and tells him that she is a married woman. The man tells her "Let's have an affair during this trip."

Rapper ni Kamaretara Rapper ni Naru

Based on "Rapper ni Kamaretara Rapper ni naru" by Teikoku Inka (2017)
Demographic: Shounen

Described as a "rap battle survival horror" story, Rapper ni Kamaretara Rapper ni Naru Manga is set in the year 20XX, when a mysterious virus sweeps the nation of Japan, transforming anyone infected by it into a rapper and turning Japan into a "clubhouse from Hell". Set against the backdrop of this rapper apocalypse, Minori Inaho and her father, a pair of bumpkins from the countryside, search for Minori's missing brother.

Don't You Think Girls Who Talk in Hakata Dialect Are Cute?

Based on "Hakata-ben no Onnanoko wa Kawaii to Omoimasen ka?" by Nijima Akiichi (2016)
Demographic: Shoujo

The series follows the story of a high school boy who lives in Tokyo, and his childhood friend, Hakatano Donko-chan, who is from Hakata and really talks in Hakata dialect! People around her sometimes get confused because of it, but her dialect makes them smile!

Kore wa Keihi de Ochimasen!

Based on "Kore wa Keihi de Ochimasen! ~Keiribu no Morikawa-san~" by Kosachi Mori (2018)
Demographic: Shoujo

The story revolves around the daily life of Sana Morikawa, a 30-year-old single woman who works in the finance department of a soap maker.

Beshari Gurashi

Based on "Besharigurashi" by Masanori Morita (2005)
Demographic: Seinen

Keisuke Agatsuma is a high schooler who might not be very sharp but has an amazing sense for comedy. He is self-proclaimed school's king of laughter and he enjoys making everyone laugh, but a future as a comedian seems impossible because of his father's attitude. One day, an ex-comedian Jun Tsujimoto transfers to his school from Osaka. They see how interesting ideas they both have and take an interest in forming a stand-up combination.

The Prince of Tennis

Based on "The Prince of Tennis" by Takeshi Konomi (1999)
Demographic: shounen

Long Ma is a tennis prodigy who lived in the US since he was a child with his parents. He has inherited his father's outstanding strength and tennis talent. However, trapped under the shadow of his father, Long Ma only sees tennis as a tool to win over him, losing the passion and happiness in playing tennis altogether. Upon returning to China, he joins in a high school tennis team and met various tennis masters. Here, he begins to realize the meaning of tennis and figure out his own identity as a player. In the process of working to win the national league, Long Ma and his teammates learn to work as a group and understands the importance of friends.

Tokyo Ghoul S

Based on "Tokyo Ghoul" by Sui Ishida (2011)
Demographic: seinen

Kaneki Ken is a university student. He is also half-ghoul and half-human. He agonizes over his situation. Trying to avoid other ghouls, he shelters himself at Anteiku Cafe and spends time with Kirishima Toka. One day, a ghoul, Tsukiyama Shu, appears at Anteiku Cafe and he is called the "Gourmet".

The Great War of Archimedes 

Based on "Archimedes no Taisen" by Norifusa Mita

Genre: action, war, military

Set in the 1930's, the headquarters of the Imperial Japanese Navy sets out to build the world's biggest battleship Yamato. Rear Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is opposed to that plan. Isoroku Yamamoto attracts Tadashi Kai (Masaki Suda) who is a genius mathematician. Tadashi Kai discovers discrepancies related to the estimated cost to build the battleship. He tries to uncover a conspiracy in the military.

Sa Do 

Based on "Sauna Dou" by Tanaka Katsuki

Genre: comedy


Furin Shokudou 

Based on "Furin Shokudou" by Yamaguchi Masakazu

Genre: mature, harem, office

Mainly describes the male protagonist during the end of a business trip, who while he is in the process of enjoying food, has a one-night stand with a local wife.

Madoromi Barmaid 

Based on "Madoromi Barmaid " by Hayakawa Pao

Genre: seinen, comedy, slice of life

Story about a female bartender and her special "my-pace" bar where she makes cocktails that leave unforgettable taste in her customers' hearts. 


Janus no Kagami

Based on "Janus no Kagami" by Miyawaki Akiko (1981)
Demographic: shoujo

The series is about a high school student who found a mirror that makes her transform into a girl with a different personality.


Aku no Hana

Based on "The Flowers of Evil" by Oshimi Shuuzou (2009)

Genre: drama, school, suspense, psychological

 Kasuga Takao is a boy who loves reading books, particularly Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal. A girl at his school, Saeki Nanako, is his muse and his Venus, and he admires her from a distance. One day, he forgets his copy of Les Fleurs du Mal in the classroom and runs back alone to pick it up. In the classroom, he finds not only his book but Saeki's gym uniform. On a mad impulse, he steals it.

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Based on "Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensaitachi no Renai Zunosen" by Aka Akasaka (2015)
Demographic: seinen

A prestigious private high school has students who rank academically at the top of the nation. The school's student council president is Miyuki Shirogane and their student council vice-president is Kaguya Shinomiya. They are attracted to each other but do not confess their feelings for each other due to their stubborn pride. About half a year has passed since they have kept their feelings private. Now, Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya think the person who confesses first will be the loser. They both think of ways to make the other person confess first.

Miyamoto kara Kimi e

Based on "Miyamoto kara Kimi e" by Hideki Arai (1990)
Demographic: seinen

The story follows a newbie salaryman named Miyamoto, who works at a stationery company and pushes forward despite his frustration with his own insignificance


Motokare Mania

Based on "Motokare Mania" by Yukari Takinami (2017)
Demographic: josei

Nanba Yurika is 27-years-old and single. She has an attractive appearance and she is not bad in communicating with others, but she is not good when it comes to having romantic relationships. This is primarily due to her inability to get over her ex-boyfriend Saito Makoto. They broke up 5 years ago. After their breakup, Saito Makoto disappeared from her life. Now, Nanba Yurika meets Saito Makoto again at the real estate company where she begins to work. Her ex-boyfriend, who is now 30-years-old and is still single, is her co-worker.

G-senjou no Anata to Watashi 

Based on "G Senjou no Anata to Watashi" by Ryo Ikuemi (2013)
Demographic: josei

The story centers on Yaeko Kogure, a woman who resigned from her company due to plans for marriage, only to have her fiancé break up with her on her last day. Confused and angry, she passes by a store that is playing Johann Sebastian Bach's iconic "Air" piece. Moved by the piece, she begins taking violin lessons for adults in the hopes of being able to play it.

Million Joe

Based on "Million Joe" by writer Ryoji Toguchi & illustrator Iroha Ichimaru  (2013)
Demographic: seinen

Soichi Kurei is a magazine editor. He is currently working on popular manga series Million Joe. The writer of the manga series is Tsuneo Magata, but he suddenly dies. Soichi Kurei is devastated because he feels Million Joe should be finished. Soichi Kurei then makes a suggestion to Tsuneo Magata's chief assistant Ryota Terashi. The suggestion is to hide the death of Tsuneo Magata and for Ryota Terashi to finish the manga series using Tsuneo Magata's notes.

Honki no Shirushi

Based on "Honki no Shirushi" by Hoshisato Mochiru

Genre: drama, romance, seinen

Tsuji is a young salaryman who finds social situations incredibly boring and unpleasant. Due to his masterful pretense of friendliness, he has friends among his coworkers and even two girlfriends. One night, he meets the enigmatic Hayama Ukiyo at a convenience store and learns that sometimes being helpful can cost him dearly. After their meeting, he can't quite get Ukiyo out of his head, even though he knows she should mean nothing to him. Against his better judgment, he finds himself being pulled further into her crazy world. 

4-punkan no Marigold

Based on "Marigold in 4 Minutes" by Kirie

Genre: romance, fantasy

Mikoto is a 25-year-old man and has worked as an emergency medical technician for the past 3 years. Mikoto also has a special ability. When he touches a person with his hand, he can see the last moment of that person's life.

Jigoku no Girlfriend

Based on "Jigoku no Girlfriend" by Akane Torikai

Genre: josei, drama, slice of life

A divorced single mother Shimada Kana who is a web writer, a single company employee Shudo Yuri and a very popular and beautiful jewellery designer Deguchi Nao start sharing an apartment. While the three of them have totally different personalities, jobs and status, they soon get on terms where they can voice the feelings and troubles that they have never been able to tell anyone. 


Korosanai Kare to Shinanai Kanojo 

Based on "Korosanai Kare to Shinanai Kanojo" by Seikimatsu (2017)

Genre: drama, psychological

The drama revolves around the relationship between Rei Kosaka (a tsundere guy who easily gets worked up and who always says, "Just die already.") and Nana Kano (a girl who habitually cuts her wrists and who always says, "I want to die.").

Hell Girl

Based on "Jigoku Shoujo" by Kodaka Nao, Etou Miyuki, Hatano Hiyoko (2005)
Demographic: shoujo

There is a rumour of a website called "Hell Correspondence" which only opens at twelve midnight sharp. When a user types the name of a person to be gotten rid of, a hell girl Ai Enma brings the person to hell. In return, the user will be sent down to hell at the end of his or her life. A high school girl Miho is worried about her friend Haruka being trapped in the evil scheme of a popular rock band after Haruka joins the audition and starts acting strange. As Miho tries to help her friend, she finds herself in the cursed world behind the "Hell Correspondence".

Hitsuji to Okami no Koi to Satsujin

Based on "Ana Satsujin" by Larsson (2013)
Demographic: shounen

As the weight of his innumerable failures in life takes their toll, Etsurou Kurosu comes to a sole solution—take his own life. Tying a belt around a wall hanger and setting it around his neck, he lets the noose do its work. However, he panics and his flailing creates a hole in his wall. Through this hole, he sees his beautiful neighbour Rio Miyaichi, and peeping at her daily life soon becomes his obsession. 


Based on "Seiri Chan" by Koyama Ken

Genre: josei, comedy

It's that time of the month, and you know what that means...a visit from Aunt Flo—scratch that—Little Miss P. This pink, anthropomorphized period's not so lean, kinda mean, and a gut-punching, butt- kicking machine. Follow Little Miss P as she traverses time advising, harassing, abusing, and comforting women on her (usually) monthly visits. 

Dosukoi! Sukehira

Based on "Dosukoi! Sukehira" by Junko Tamura & Tomohide Kiyoshi

Genre: comedy, romance, fantasy

Sukehira Ayane is an overweight woman who loves chocolate. Because of her love for chocolate, she moved to Italy which is famous for its chocolates. There, Sukehira Ayane gets involved in an accident and she passes out. When Sukehira Ayane wakes up, she finds that her appearance has totally changed. She is now a beautiful woman. Sukehira Ayane travels back to Japan and she begins work as an anesthetician. She still is not interested in dating and she buries herself in eating chocolate and playing games. One day, popular idol Minato Takumi invites her for dinner. 


Seikimatsu Blue

Based on "Seikimatsu Blue" by Shintarou Hirota (2018)
Demographic: shoujo

Kosaka is an average girl, but one day she happens to see Tomine being bullied. Afterwards, she witnesses a strange creature emerges from Tomine, and Tomine only gives Kosaka a cryptic answer when she asks what the creature is. Despite Tomine saying that Kosaka shouldn't get involved, Kosaka ends up helping Tomine.

Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight

Based on "Gozen 0 ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo" by Rin Mikimoto (2015)
Demographic: shoujo

Hinana is a high school girl who wakes up at 5 AM to prepare for school every day. She's also the Student Committee secretary. While she's quite serious, in reality, she actually dreams of one day finding herself a prince. When a famous actor, Ayase Kaede, shoots a movie at their school during golden week, the Student Committee's members have to act as extras. Hinana thinks Ayase is just like the prince of her dreams until she finds out that in reality, he's actually a pervert who has a butt fetish? A comedy romance starts.  

Aircraft Carrier Ibuki

Based on "Kuubo Ibuki" by Kaiji Kawaguchi (2014)

Genre: military, action

In the southernmost part of Japan, 20 fishing boats of an unknown nationality suddenly fire upon and occupy parts of the Hateruma archipelago. Members of the Japan Coast Guard are detained. Under the extremely tense situation, the Japanese government sends Aircraft Carrier Ibuki and an escort fleet to the area. Ryota Akitsu is the captain of the Aircraft Carrier Ibuki and Toshiya Niinami is second-in-command. It is now 6:23 am. and Japan faces one day which they never have before. 

I Was A "Secret Bitch"

Based on "'Kakure Bicchi' Yattemashita" by Piroyo Arai

Genre: romance

Hiromi is a 26-year-old single woman. She is popular with guys. Her hobby and specialty is getting men to like her using small talk and a shy persona. If a guy confesses his feelings for her, Hiromi leaves them. Hiromi's share house mate Akira and her friend Aya blame Hiromi, calling her “Kakure Bitch” (a type of women who uses innocence to flirt with men). Hiromi does not care. One day, she takes an interest in Tsuyoshi, who works in the same office. She becomes to like him sincerely.

Nee Sensei, Shiranai No?

Based on "Ne-e sensei, shiranai no? " by Asano Aya

Genre: shoujo

A love story between a manga artist with no experience with romance and a popular, charismatic beautician.



Based on "Barbara" by Tezuka Osamu (1973)

Genre: mature, psychological, drama

Barbara follows the story of Yosuke Mikura, a very successful and influential novelist. Surrounded by blushing devotees, Mikura is so popular that both his publisher (seeking to lock up his future publications) and a major politician (seeking to capitalize on his fame) attempt to marry off their daughters to him.  However, behind the bright lights of his fame and fortune, Mikura desperately struggles to hide a dark secret – the fact that he suffers from crippling sexual perversions which are driving him towards madness. 

Zenaku no Kuzu

Based on "Gedou no Uta" by Daisuke Watanabe (2016)

Genre: action, drama, seinen

The story centers on Kamo and his partner Tora, who work in the underworld as "avengers for hire," taking on jobs from the victims of violent crimes and families seeking vengeance for wrongs done to them. 

Which manga adaptations are you looking forward to?

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