by Lily Alice, February 19, 2024

Choo Ja Hyun and Lee Moo Saeng's K-movie While You Were Sleeping drops a teaser poster.

While You Were Sleeping is an upcoming K-movie that revolves around a happy couple, who are struck by misfortune due to the selective amnesia suffered by Yoon Deok Hee after a traffic accident. As a result of her memory loss, mysteries surrounding the actions of her husband, Kim Joon Seok, begin to emerge, leading them on a journey to uncover the truth.

Veteran actress Choo Ja Hyun plays the character Deok Hee, a woman who was living a happy married life until an accident left her with selective amnesia. From her bright and lovely appearance to the anxiety and fear of memory loss and the despair and confusion as she tracks her husband's mysterious actions, Choo Ja Hyun portrays the joys and sorrows of life and promises to keep viewers immersed.

Actor Lee Moo Saeng takes on the role of Yoon Deok Hee's husband, Kim Joon Seok. Joon Seok is described as a caring husband but harbors a secret. 

The teaser poster for While You Were Sleeping piques interest with the text in which Deok Hee says, "After experiencing memory loss, I began to suspect my husband." Curiosity arises about the perilous circumstances Deok Hee and Joon Seok will face and what secrets will be revealed.

While You Were Sleeping will be released in theaters in March.