The story of a homeowner like "Grandma Un" whose daughter got a job overseas.  Therefore having to sell the house and go to live with his family in London  But selling a home for a homeowner like Grandma Un is unusual.  Because people who buy a house in a central location are hoping for benefits, Grandma Un has chosen until she decides to sell the house to "Milan", a young blogger who has time for the house and fights with life because of being with her younger brother like "  "Tokyo" for only 2 people, but Grandma Un's forgetfulness made the purchase of a house a mistake because Grandma Aun empathized with a man like "Din" who looked at Grandma Oon's house compared to her deceased mother's clerk.  On the day of the contract both Milan and Clay came together.  And finally quarreled  Both of them accidentally revealed a selfish corner that made her grandmother feel uncomfortable.  Therefore offered to come to try at home together 7 days in 7 days, Milan and Clay are planning for each other  Can't be at home  As for Tokyo, Milan's brother  Met with a close friend of Clay like "Follow" until the birth of two couples' busy plans and sweet love, therefore proceeding under the mission to conquer the house  How will the story end? You can follow in "Deal lover, easy to buy, sell love".