Earlier this month at Yaki Yaki Miwa, our fave teppanyaki place in town.

Can never get enough of these garlic butter sauteed clams.

Harami steak with a dollop of yuzu kosho on the side.

Yaki Yaki Miwa is a small chain out of Horie, Osaka and their okonomiyaki is of that region. Finest kind.


Visit to Bozu Japanese Restaurant from last weekend. 

Watercress and beef salad

Lamb chops. Very reasonably priced here.

Bonus roll from the boss at the counter. Arigato, Katsu!

A few glasses of Asahi Super Dry didn't hurt, either. Always good times at Bozu!


Goodies at Izakaya DANJI with friends this past weekend.

Best Chicken Nanban and Gyoza in town!

Salt and pepper chicken wings. Not really into finger foods with bones but this was *really* tasty.

Melon soda