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Name a topic and then everyone list a drama or movie with it. After #10 you can suggest a new topic, or let someone else choose. 

*if the topic is too specific/can't list 10 titles then you may start a new topic in 24 hours. 

Please post only 3 titles at a time to give others a chance to answer, unless the topic is stalled and there are no further answers. 

The last topic was by NoirRoseHeart:

10 dramas/movies that you feel are not really known or talked about as having a BL side couple or secondary lead couple even though it does. 


1. My dear loser: edge of 17


2. Triad Princess

3. Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu


4. Love O2O. MoZhaTa and K.O are canon in the story (just check what happens when MZT's blankets get wet during the rain LOL), and it's heavily implied even in the drama (which greatly surprised me). 

5. Love with Flaws

6. The Stranded

7. Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey

8. Be Melodramatic (I think, if i remember correctly)

9. Inspector Koo (I don't think it is known for it per se)

Since #4 just started: Would it somehow be possible to index this new thread? Have a pinned post on page 1 on top of the coming posts and lists, to link to the answers for #10… with… ? That way people can look for dramas/movies through criteria otherwise overlooked and never found…

10. So Wayree - not the most romantic or happiest of couples, but they are there.

Someone else can choose a topic.

10 dramas where the main character is in their youth (teens-40s), but doesn't have a romantic interest or doesn't end up with their romantic interest

1. Society Obsessed with Love

Most noir/detective stories are in this category. 

3. Beyond Evil (no romantic interest for either leads, the older OR the younger one.)

4. Bad Guys (half the main cast fits the under-40 rule, none have a romantic interest.)

5. One Ordinary Day (no romance of any kind, except the original alcohol&sex&drugs instance that leads to the murder). 

Or should it be mainstream. not detective...?

8. Move to Heaven 

10 dramas/movies where the leads liked each other in childhood (12 years or younger). And I mean they both liked each other, not just one liking the other.

*I will also accept if one is like 12 and the other is a year or two older, but nothing beyond that. Or if you are unsure of their age, then as long as you think they are in that age range then it's fine.