disney villain toNITE

they would be a villain they would be a vllain they would be a vllain tyey would be a VILLAINNNNNN

briannayeaoohahah Jan 7, 2024
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  • Lim Jae Myung

    South Korean

    he would like be the villains dad so also a villain becfause its the dad like he would sit and laugh as he just got the mc's family deporteed back to chicago becuase they beat his son in the 10th grade spelling bee\


  • Ohm Thipakorn Thitathan


    he would be in like decendents or smth and he would be ha;f wereworld at midnight and 6pm.

  • Pavel Naret Promphaopun


    he would be the forgotten son of like a king ansd he always thkns he's eating down but he's not like he would stand on a lunch table and be like "SINCE IM THE SON OF THE KING, GIVE ME YOUR LUNCH MONEY!!!!!!" and like everyone wojuld get silent for a second and then everyone would like go back to normal an d there would be a lughing track or like the dodododo- doooooo like trombone (???) fail audio yk?????

  • Yoo Ha Bok

    South Korean

    he would like be super wierd snad craxy and like kill some kids but also its disney so he cant so he would be like idk work in a school and like drug lil kids idk mayvbe he puts stuff in their liunches lke yk how you used to put uyour lunch box in a lunch pale and two kids would carry it? so while the lunch boxes are thetrer and the lkids nare at pe he would drug them up.

  • Praew Narupornkamol Chaisang


    She wpi;d ;ole of....  she would like be the mom of like a rich fam and like be bad and like her kids would be at llike cool ivys cause shes rich even tho theyre super dumb and lke shed get some kids kicked out vause of scandal that didnt even happen cause shes rich and has connnections and cash money ayeeeeee and she'd smile at them like she is rn as they walk away crying brcasudr they got kickrf out of harvarf

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