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Vintage Stamp Nov 3, 2020
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  • Better Days

    1. Better Days

    Chinese Movie - 2019


    Tearjerker alert!! But its the best thing Ive watched all year :)

    Actor and actress are the cutest. Has one of those endings where you can make your own mind up about what happens next…

  • The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

    2. The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

    Japanese Movie - 2020


    BL also - if your looking for BL. 

    This is not known enough - the quality is mind-blowing…

  • Sinkhole

    3. Sinkhole

    Korean Movie - 2021


    I don’t think it’s a serious movie - the humours undertones are very obvious in this - it’s not a “omgg we are going to die“ type a movie. But I got fooled by the poster.

    Bittersweet ending, I would say..

  • Man in Love

    4. Man in Love

    Taiwanese Movie - 2021


    Your getting exactly what the title says lol. But it’s worth it - Im pretty Sure it’s a tearjerker too… 

  • Honest Candidate

    5. Honest Candidate

    Korean Movie - 2020


    This is what you need to watch after scaring yourself shitless after watching some creepy movies loll

    I love the humour factor in this - it’s very funny. Also its refreshing to see Kim Mu-Yeol as a funny character after all the thriller movies he’s done - I love himmm..!

  • Night in Paradise

    6. Night in Paradise

    Korean Movie - 2021


    Very slow movie that focuses on change of atmosphere - loved the emotion in it.

    Also the uncle-niece relationship in this is the cutesssttt! Look out for that!

  • I WeirDo

    7. I WeirDo

    Taiwanese Movie - 2020


    This was very relaxing…until the end TT. Its about how people change.

    Definitely cried at this but also found the plot it quite realistic. 

  • Seobok

    8. Seobok

    Korean Movie - 2021


    Tearjerker everyone! But who doesn’t like a movie with good old Gong Yoo? Sci-Fi, bubble-baby kinda movie - loved every minute of it even though am not a sci-fi kinda gal…

  • The Handmaiden

    9. The Handmaiden

    Korean Movie - 2016


    I don’t think this was hyped enough either… the quality is fantastic for a 2016 movie - the mystery factor? Wow! The shock factor? Bomb! The sexiness factor? Amaze-balls! (ewww I hate that expression) 

    Basically go watch it :) 

  • Train to Busan

    10. Train to Busan

    Korean Movie - 2016


    You probably already watched this - if you haven’t then….what the frick?! Go watch it bo!!

  • Parasite

    11. Parasite

    Korean Movie - 2019


    Also this! Go watch it now!

  • Cheer Up, Mr. Lee

    12. Cheer Up, Mr. Lee

    Korean Movie - 2019


    Despite the comedy factor in this, there is sadness in this movie….

    Me and my sister cried so much watching this TT

  • Maggie

    13. Maggie

    Korean Movie - 2019


    It’s a simple movie, yet it leaves you with questions… if you want a bit of mystery and social Issues then I guess this is great movie.

    Its kind of calming and slow throughout it, but not in a bad way!

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