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Starting to have favorite drama actors and actresses so wanted to list them!

otakusafi Jun 3, 2022
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  • Lee Do Hyun

    South Korean

    absolutely love him since “The Glory”

  • Im Ji Yeon

    South Korean

    What a badass actress, she’s amazing

  • Shin Hye Sun

    South Korean


  • Kim You Jung

    South Korean


  • Song Hye Kyo

    South Korean

    Met her in the drama “The Glory” and she was an instant favorite

  • Park Eun Bin

    South Korean

    She is so lovable in "Extraordinary Attorney Woo", amazing actress

  • Rowoon

    South Korean

    Loveeee hiiiiiim

  • Kim Se Jeong

    South Korean

    Love her in “Business Proposal”

  • Seol In Ah

    South Korean

    Love her in "Business Proposal" pt 2

  • Park Seo Joon

    South Korean

    Loved him in "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim" <3

  • Lee Joon Gi

    South Korean

    His acting in "Flower of Evil" was insane!!

  • Lee Dong Wook

    South Korean

    He was so good in "Strangers from Hell"

  • Kim Hye Eun

    South Korean

    She was so good in "The Guest"

  • Lee Soo Hyuk

    South Korean

    So cool and badass in "Tomorrow"

  • Kitty Chicha Amatayakul


    She gave me so many "Tomie" vibes in the drama "Girl From Nowhere" !!

  • Song Jia

    South Korean

    Not an actress but love her!!

  • Kim Min Gue

    South Korean

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