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  • Takumi-kun Series 2: Rainbow Colored Glass

    I suggest skipping the first Takumi and just starting with the second because this is the remake of the first movie with new actors. This is an upgrade you won't miss a thing skipping the first movie. This movie is the beginning of Takumi and Gii relationship. Be aware that this movie is a product of their time, so some questionable things are still exist.

  • Takumi-kun Series 3: The Beauty of Detail

    The continuation of Takumi and Gii relationship, they are drifted apart because they are no longer roommates.

  • Takumi-kun Series 4: Pure

    3. Takumi-kun Series 4: Pure

    Japanese Movie - 2010


    This movie is more focused on Gii's friends, Misu Arata and Shingyouji Kanemitsu .

  • Takumi-kun Series 5: That, Sunny Blue Sky

    Back to Gii and Takumi, just like any couple they have a new obstacle in their relationship. 

  • Takumi-kun Series 6: Nagai Nagai Monogatari no Hajimari no Asa.

    If the second movie is an upgrade of the first movie, this movie is the upgrade of the entire series. With new actors new plot, the story of Gii and Takumi's relationship was re-written with more from Gii's perspective. 

  • The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

    6. The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

    Japanese Movie - 2020


    What would happen if you encounter someone that you have been longing for since uni?  That man is also a piece of trash who can't commit: a serial adulterer. 

    Do you see a chance or just leave him to respect yourself?
    No, because you're dumb and hopeless, you stay and take his shit anyway.

    "I could never choose you, no straight guy would."

  • More than Words

    7. More than Words

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 10 episodes


    Life is unfair, well you take it for granted.
    Your dumbest decision can also be someone's else best decision.
    It's about the perspective.
    Running away from problems may be an easier choice than confronting it. 

    I hope you and your beautiful family can have whatever you wish for in life. Nobody should be an obstacle to reach that happy ending. I am so grateful that I used to be part of your happiness,  people change their minds but life goes on.

  • Ai no Kotodama

    8. Ai no Kotodama

    Japanese Movie - 2008


    You have known each other for half of your life, can you afford to be separated? I don't care where ever we live as long as I have you smiling at me whenever I open the door, I am content. 

  • Fujoshi, Ukkari Gei ni Kokuru

    9. Fujoshi, Ukkari Gei ni Kokuru

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 8 episodes


    How does it feel,  loathing on yourself?

    I don't deserve love, I am disgusting I want to live as a normal person. But what is normal? what makes a person normal? You meet someone who can tell you that someone like you is not that special or equal to normality. The first thing you do is try to validate your feelings instead of confronting your insecurity.