Favorite Movies

kdramasinpajamas Nov 2, 2018
  • Chungking Express
    Chungking Express

    Hong Kong Movie - 1994

    So many good things to say about this movie. Even though this was made to give the director a break from his Epic work, as well as being filmed is a very short period of time, I think it is a masterpiece. I adore Takeshi Kaneshiro and the out of date pineapples. I love Faye Wong's character taking the initiative to try to change Tony Leung's character's life. I loved the music especially in the Faye Wong/Tony Leung story line. I also think the film shows how amazing Wong Kar Wai is at setting a mood for the story being told. 

  • Spellbound

    Korean Movie - 2011

    Cute romance with quirky characters and ghosts.  

  • Over The Rainbow
    Over The Rainbow

    Korean Movie - 2002

    The very first Korean movie I had ever watched.  Culturally, everything was new. I was much less likely to be hyper critical of small flaws. Overall, it was an interesting story and an appropriate mood throughout. 

  • Penny Pinchers
    Penny Pinchers

    Korean Movie - 2011

    Cute romance where two people become better for knowing each other. 

  • Heroine Disqualified
    Heroine Disqualified

    Japanese Movie - 2015

    Adorable romantic comedy type. Great pairing. These actors were also both in A Girl and 3 Sweethearts.