Actors - I used to hate

1- yes Shun oguri, before becoming my absolute favorite , I used to hate him a lot , First time I knew him was in Hana kimi, I disliked him ..He was my sis's fav from the 1st beginning and still.. 2 years ago I decided to watch for him Ouroboros ( my sis insisted) ..not bad I said to myself . . then the turning point was when I watched nobunaga concerto , I loved him from the first scenes , gradually became my favorite when I completed it , I decided to watch more for him, wow .. I envy each person became his fan since years ago.. I really wasted so much time, I mis-judged him, now I love him a lot , I stalk him more than my sis does! And whenever I see him in other members blacklist I laugh xD .. Shun oguri.. one day you will prove them wrong ;) The rest I had bad experience with them, then I loved them and became my favorite also ^^ There are some actors that I dislike now, I hope that I can add them all here one day as well
EmaChan Feb 4, 2017
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