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The A.R.M.Y ♥

 attachment.php?attachmentid=2139577&stc= kento kun as kanata [ A Girl and Three Sweethearts]


Hello There! (^-^) , Am a J-Drama fan from Lebanon! so yes my mother tongue is the Arabic language attachment.php?attachmentid=2137379&stc=

-Feel free to send me msgs/ to add me as a friend / to give me recs! ^-^

- mydramalist is still under construction though, but you can have a look at it xD

-I don't usually drop a show, so whenever I start a drama I will finish it till the end ! Fighting!

- My  " plan to watch list " is for the coming released shows only ( 2017 -2018 .. ) and not the old ones.

- My " watching list"  is for the airing shows only and not for the completed ones.

 -If I have bad thoughts about an actor/actress I prefer keep it to myself, I hate throwing hate vibes around LOL.

- My First J-Drama is the quiz show 2 starring by The great Idol Sho Sakurai *-* 

- My First bias is Ikuta Toma, of course he IS still,  and will remain forever! Johnny's everywhere xD

- I am Arashi Big Big fan, don't talk about them in bad way in front of me that would hurt me, I won't unfriend you if you do though.

- I watch sometimes Korean/ Chinese/ Thai dramas. 

attachment.php?attachmentid=2142197&stc=  Check my lists: update7.gif 1/15/2017

+Favorite J-ActorsFavorite J-Actresses

Favorite Johnny'sJ-Actors [ I like ]

+K-C-Thai Actors / Actresses [ I like ]

M/M [ Section for fun ] xD

Favorite DramasFavorite Movies

attachment.php?attachmentid=2139578&stc= Now, My favorite piece of paradise is called yamazaki kento ^_^

 kento kun! zakiyama! yamaken! so many cute nicknames Neeeeeee :$

Oh yes ! if a Suda Masaki's ♥ fan stops by accident please click this link,  xD I Love also their bromance pictures together, I hope to find them in more dramas together in the future ♥

Now excuse me I have a long long list of good dramas to watch!

Bye Bye attachment.php?attachmentid=2139594&stc=     

            Kento kun as L [Death note 2015 ]



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