Good Actors, but I'll Pass

Origamy Mar 2, 2019

Basically, actors/actresses who while I acknowledge are good actors, just don't really appeal to me. Mostly (not all) because of one of their roles which I really disliked and now can't get over no matter how hard I try.

  • Wallace Huo


    Idk what it is about him but I just can never get into any show where he's the main lead. Which is a pity since he's been in some really good stuff.

  • Ji Chang Wook

    South Korean

    His role in Empress Ki has just really turned me off from him. No matter what show I try to watch with him in it, no matter how different the character is, I can't bring myself to watch it. (I will admit that he's a talented actor and really good looking though)

  • Chen Xiao


    Not sure if he'll be on here permanently or not. His character in Nothing Gold Can Stay has engrained himself into my mind as one of, if not the most dislikable main lead I've seen in a drama thus far which is really affecting my ability to be interested in his other stuff.

  • Lee Min Ho

    South Korean

    Boys Over Flowers just ruined him for me