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The woods are lovely, dark and deep,  

But I have promises to keep,  

And miles to go before I sleep,  

And miles to go before I sleep.  

- Robert Frost, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening 


I started out watching dramas at around 8-9 yrs by peeking over my mom's shoulder while she was watching them (Viet-dubbed) when I was supposed to be asleep. Though I usually watched the occasional drama once in a while, it wasn't until I watched Nirvana in Fire which led me to discover MDL that I got completely sucked into drama watching. 

I love historical dramas (especially when there's a time-travel aspect), strong (and intelligent) female leads,  and male leads who love their female lead more than anything.

I hate dramas with weak/dumb female leads, male leads who are mean/rude to the female lead (even if it's 'just for a bit'), misunderstandings that could be solved if the characters only communicated with each other, spineless male leads, and the cliche 'rich male/poor female'; anything along the lines of Boys over Flowers, Shining Inheritance, etc.

With dramas, I prefer ones that are more serious than comedic. I don't mind sad endings as long as they are done well. Slow dramas are fine as long as it is still able to keep my attention. I enjoy romance but usually like for it to not be the main/only plot of a drama.

I have the hardest time giving dramas more than 30 minutes to impress me before dropping it. 

I also have short bursts of around 2-3 weeks where I just binge a crap ton of dramas before I just stop for like 2 months. Same thing with MDL, I'll occasionally pretty much stay on here 24/7 while watching dramas for a few weeks before being dead silent for weeks/months on end.

Fun fact about me: Almost every character I decide is my favorite will eventually get killed somehow. : )


First Dramas:

Overall: Boys Over Flowers

Chinese: Nirvana in Fire

Japanese: Detective Conan Special

Korean: Boys Over Flowers

Thai:  Bhuppae Sunniwat 

Taiwanese: Smiling Pasta

Vietnamese: Sắc Đẹp Và Danh Vọng (or, Beauty and Fame if literally translated)


All-Time Favorite Dramas (in order): 

(Deciding between a Nirvana in Fire gif of MCS with Jingyan or with Nihuang killed me.)


Favorite Actor (at the moment): Favorite Actress (at the moment):


Favorite Female Characters:

Need to find a good gif of Ling Xi/Lin Mo

Favorite Male Characters:

(lmao its impossible for me to choose between Jingyan and Mei Changsu.)

(God I am still so fucking bitter about Empress Ki)

I need to find a good gif of Jiu Chen from Love and Destiny to add


Rating Standards (I try to be as objective as possible but I occasionally rate 1-2 points higher according to my enjoyment while watching - but only if I really enjoyed it. I'm also pretty easy to please.):

10: I found it to be perfect and even if there were flaws they could be overlooked because of how good the drama was overall

9-8: I enjoyed the majority of the drama but there were a few things that I wish were different or couldn't get over.

7: It was decent but there were more than a few things that I disliked about it.

6 and Lower: Just not good at all. Many things weren't very good and the plot and characters didn't get my attention.


Other Things:

My favorite non-drama tv shows are: Leverage, Brooklyn-99, Lost, and Person of Interest

Favorite movie(s): Star Wars

I love reading, my favorite book at the moment is Song of Achilles

I'm also a huge comic book/superhero fan with my favorites being: NightwingThe Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Robin

I'm a k-pop fan! My favorite groups being:


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