Favourite Korean Dramas Screenwriters

My favourite korean dramas screenwriters so far.

Freemen Muaddib Apr 11, 2018
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  • Park Yeon Sun

    South Korean

    Without any doubt the greatest korean screenwriter. A genius with no peers. Age of Youth can be easily considered the greatest K-Drama ever written.

  • Park Hye Ryun

    South Korean

    Pinocchio. Enough said.

  • Lee Hee Myung

    South Korean

    The most original and creative korean screenwriter.

    Beautiful Gong Shim, Reunited Worlds, Rooftop Prince, The Girl Who See Scents... all uniquely written dramas... all amazing and fresh.

  • Kim Eun Sook

    South Korean

    Goblin. Enough said.

  • Park Hae Young

    South Korean

    Most mature and deep drama writer.

    - Another Miss Oh. 

    - My Mister. 

  • Choi Ho Chul

    South Korean

    Genius. He wrote 4 dramas, all psychological masterpieces:

    - Secret

    - Mask

    - Time

    - Deal

  • Song Ji Na

    South Korean

    Healer. Enough said.

  • Park Ji Eun

    South Korean

    Every screenplay of this woman is a masterpiece.