For when I want to smile and not think too much

SamaJu Jan 6, 2018

For when you want to watch something but just don't have the desire to think too much about what you're watching. All of these are my go to re-watch shows, those that can pick my mood right up and leave a smile on my face. Most of these are mini dramas and a lot have idols in them or are about idols.

  • EXO Next Door
    EXO Next Door

    Korean Drama - 2015

    Who hasn't fantasised about not only meeting your idols but getting to know them personally and becoming friends?

    Only 16 episodes, 15 mins each (less if you skip the beginning and ending credits). A lovely romance, no real angst and some super funny scenes. Smile and laugh out loud.

  • Spark

    Korean Drama - 2016

    Do we ever have control over who we meet and fall in love with or does the universe always step in to make sure we meet our destined lover?

    12 episodes, 12mins. Maybe a little bit of thinking in this one, a nice mystery surrounds the leads. A fun ride where the leads a forced to be close to each other and discover they actually like it.

  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
    Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

    Korean Drama - 2017

    How much strength does it really take to not show your super strength?

    16 episodes, 1hr 15mins. A bit of a crime/thriller storyline but utilmately it's a fun and endearing tale of releasing first loves and owing up to your true self. Definite laugh out loud moments here and I love how our male lead is smitten from the outset.

  • Twenty Years Old
    Twenty Years Old

    Korean Drama - 2014

    Could you keep quiet about your boyfriend if you were dating a celebrity?

    4 episodes, 20mins. Another idol dating a regular girl (thought they were each other's first loves in middle school). Short, sweet, not enough time to have anything real nasty happen. Happy ending.

  • Noble, My Love
    Noble, My Love

    Korean Drama - 2015

    I want to be swept off my feet and saved by the tall, dark and handsome rich guy.

    20 episodes, 15mins. Rich, powerful guy is saved by hardworking, struggling girl. She's not swayed by $$$ and that sparks his interest. 

  • Splash Splash LOVE
    Splash Splash LOVE

    Korean Special - 2015

    When running away from your exams takes you further than you planned.

    2 episodes, 1hr 10mins. Current day high school student landing herself back in history and having to use the very knowledge she was avoiding to save herself while falling in love with the King. 

  • Bromance

    Taiwanese Drama - 2015

    For when you want to be taken on a journey of a pure, deep love that isn't restricted by conventions (or you want some kissing).

    18 episodes, 1hr15mins each. There may be a little bit of thinking required for this one the first time watching but for re-watch it's a great story to return to and enjoy. No big drama or angst here and just surrendering to love and being brave.

  • Love O2O
    Love O2O

    Chinese Drama - 2016

    When you want a love story that doesn't have any bumps.

    30 episodes, 45 mins. A little bit of nasty here and some jealousy but none of it comes close to wavering our male lead in his love. Sometimes it's not "too good to be true" it's just GOOD.

  • One Smile is Very Alluring
    One Smile is Very Alluring

    Chinese Movie - 2016

    When you want a love story that doesn't have any bumps.

    Movie, 1hr 35 mins. Movie version of Love O2O. Doesn't develop the characters as well as the drama but gets the overall story told.

  • Go Ho's Starry Night
    Go Ho's Starry Night

    Korean Drama - 2016

    One night and everything changes.

    20 episodes, 20mins. Suddenly the women all the men want while trying to navigate work and working with her ex.

  • Cinderella and the Four Knights
    Cinderella and the Four Knights

    Korean Drama - 2016

    Yes please, I'll live with 3 handsome guys in the luxurious estate!

    16 episodes, 60 mins. 3 cousins that don't really get along need to become a family. Add one spunky girl with a hard life, needing to earn money and see how her influence can change their hearts.

  • Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
    Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

    Japanese Drama - 2010

    I just want to be loved for me, not what I look like.

    10 episodes, 45mins. What you look like can be a curse but what's important is loving yourself. Four very good looking guys are tasked with turning one shut in goth into a lady, but what they do is better. Self-confidence and self-love is so much better!

  • Dream Knight
    Dream Knight

    Korean Drama - 2015

    When life gets really tough, wouldn't it be great to have your own personal knights come to save you?

    12 episodes, 13mins. A quick journey with some magical guys.

  • Coffee Prince
    Coffee Prince

    Korean Drama - 2007

    When I want to believe love has no boundaries and it's what is inside that matters.

    17 episodes, 1hr. Girl is mistaken for a guy and she rolls with it cause she needs the job. The job is with some very good looking princes and hearts start to flutter.

  • Oh My Venus
    Oh My Venus

    Korean Drama - 2015

  • Moorim School
    Moorim School

    Korean Drama - 2016

  • Daytime Shooting Star
    Daytime Shooting Star

    Japanese Movie - 2017

  • Part-Time Idol
    Part-Time Idol

    Korean Drama - 2017

  • Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu
    Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu

    Japanese Drama - 2016

  • Seven Days: Friday - Sunday
    Seven Days: Friday - Sunday

    Japanese Movie - 2015

  • Seven Days: Monday - Thursday
    Seven Days: Monday - Thursday

    Japanese Movie - 2015