Ranked: Lee Joon-gi (Lee Jun Ki) Dramas (My favorite actor)

alienshore7 Nov 2, 2016
In honor of Lee Joon-gi just being the most awesome actor alive, I have decided to rank his dramas from my most to least favorite (least is a silly word here - let's just say my most favorite to the ones I love just slightly less). It is Lee Joon-gi, after all - there is nothing he does that I don't love! I was torn between ranking them based on how much I love LJG in them vs. how good the drama is and finally decided to go with how good I think the drama is as a whole (with just a side of how much I love LJG in the drama). I'm also including dramas where he had a main role. (Note - I used to always write his name Lee Jun Ki, but since it seems like he and his agency prefer Lee Joon-gi, that is what I am doing now.)