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Favorite Female Lead Characters in a Kdrama
13 0

The female leads in Dramas are often annoying or stupid little twits, so here is a list of ones who aren't and are therefore awesome! Since…

Favorite Second Male Leads
9 0

We all have it at some point or another: Second Lead Syndrome - when we love the second lead more than the first and think the girl is an utter…

Best Bromances
10 0

Best Bromances (because Bromances are such a thing right now, how can I not have a list for them?). Some of these are straight up Bromances…

Favorite Male Protagonists in a Kdrama
7 0

Last time I tried to do this list it got out of hand because I love sooooo many Kdrama characters. So this time I am separating the protagonists…

Favorite Korean Actor Smiles
14 0

Pretty self-explanatory: my favorite Korean actor smiles. Whether it's because they are super-cute or super-sexy, these are the smiles in Kdramaland…

Ranked: Lee Joon-gi (Lee Jun Ki) Dramas (My favorite actor)
9 0

In honor of Lee Joon-gi just being the most awesome actor alive, I have decided to rank his dramas from my most to least favorite (least is…

Most Beautiful Korean Actresses
9 0

Just like with my most beautiful men, this is NOT a list of my favorite Korean actresses. You'll see that elsewhere. These are the ones that…

Actresses I Just Don't Like
7 0

These are actresses that I absolutely cannot stand and if I am unlucky enough that they are in a drama I otherwise like, I constantly dream…

The Most Glorious Manes of Glory!
7 0

The most glorious manes of glory is a list of the greatest free flowing male sageuk hair in Kdramas. I did not coin the term "mane of glory"…

Drama Me Crazy! The Kdrama Could Have Beens!
2 0

In honor of Scarlet Heart Ryeo, I thought I would do a little list that ranks my top Kdramas that have the biggest disparity between how OBJECTIVELY…

Best Male Performances in a Kdrama Honorable Mention
10 0

These performances didn't quite make the big boy list but are also very good. Nice Guy; Moonlight Drawn by Clouds; Pinnochio; Jumong; Time Between…

Favorite Kdrama KISSES!
14 0

These are the kisses that made me replay them over and over. I only pick the really HOT kisses. Tender sweet ones need not apply. I have described…

My Favorite Kdrama OTPs
18 0

Just what it says, my favorite Kdrama OTPs. Most important criteria is chemistry. Second criteria is how much I like them together at the end…

My Favorite Sageuks in Order(ish)
21 0

By in "orderish" I mean that it's really hard to rank my favorite anything, and it can change based on my mood. But this will just have to be…

Most Kracktasitc Kdramas!
6 0

Not the qualitatively best dramas. Not necessarily my favorite dramas. These are the most Kracktastic Kdramas! These are the ones that when…

Most Beautiful Korean Actors
17 0

Wow, I got to tell you, making this list was a very hard job! I mean I had to just look at soooo many pictures of incredibly beautiful men until…

Best Male Performances in a Kdrama
9 0

These are not my favorite actors or even favorite characters; these are what I think are the best acting performances I've seen by an actor…

Sexiest Man in a Gat
8 0

There are just some Korean actors that pull off traditional Joseon-era dress, and there are some that don't. And then there are some that take…

Sexiest Actor Voices
9 0

It is what it says, a list of the sexiest speaking voices in Dramaland.

My Favorite Actor EYES
9 0

Ok, so maybe it's a bit creepy that I've started dissecting my men and ranking their body parts? Is it? Oh, well, I don't care. So here is a…

Favorite Actors
19 0

These are actors that draw me to a drama or movie - if they are in it, I will watch it (or I will at least give it a shot). It's because they…

Most Overrated Kdramas
9 0

In my opinion, these are the most overrated Kdramas - as in Kdramas that either actually had good ratings in Korea that I thought were ranging…

Actors I am Totally in Love with!
14 0

My Favorite Actor list got really long, and keeps getting longer. And that's when I realized that what I really need to do is separate the list…

Overrated Actors
2 0

There are some actors that others worship that I think are okay or even meh. This doesn't necessarily mean I don't like them, it just means…

Favorite Male Antagonists in a Kdrama
10 0

These are my favorite bad guys in Kdramaland. Kdramaland is sadly replete with cookie cutter, 2-dimensional, all evil, all the time bad guys.…

Favorite Movies
5 0

These are my favorite Asian films. Not necessarily favorite overall.

Most Underrated Kdramas (excluding Sageuks)
6 0

Since I often watch Kdramas years after they aired, and, I am American, I cannot normally attest to how well a Kdrama was received in South…

Sexiest Korean Actors
10 0

I know I already have a list of most beautiful Korean actors (and best smiles and sexiest voices), but this is SEXIEST Korean actors. Beautiful…

Favorite Male Sidekicks in a Kdrama
6 0

Too often the protagonist's sidekick(s) is/are just comic relief. But some sidekicks go above and beyond in their awesomeness and make you wish…

Best Female Performances in a Kdrama
8 0

These are not necessarily my favorite actresses or my favorite characters, but rather what I think are the best performances. Here are the dramas…

My Ranking of Hong Sisters' Dramas
10 0

In light of the news that a new Hong Sisters drama is imminent and the fact that they've written a lot of them AND I've seen all of them, I…