♡ thai: slap & kiss;

& mature/revenge-based stories. 

!!NOTICE!! Strong plots and scenes that may be difficult to watch involved. 

as we are talking about lakorns, in the majority of the cases you better put your brain on the shelf and leave it there for a while. You won't find a proper logic to explain the many things that will happen in 95% of the cases. Believe me. Sometimes you'll want to throw the laptop out of the window or smash the screen. I swear I have never seen such odious characters as I have in thai drama... Especially women, man they can be bit*** for sure. You have been warned. LOL

** You won't find in this list all the slap and kiss lakorns out there, but only the ones I have an interest in and that, eventually, I may or may not watch.

Yucchi Aug 31, 2016
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