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Personal Rating System:

(Would Rewatch Ratings)

  • 10 - Things I Adore so much and would rewatch endlessly with friends or alone
  • 9.5 - There was something oh so small keeping it from a 10 but still some of my absolute favourites
  • 9 - I *personally* adore this show/drama/movie (and would highly recommend it depending on the audience)
  • 8.5 - It was fun, but I wouldn't 100% suggest it. Depends on the person. Personally still loved it.
  • 8 - A fun romp. Enjoyed it for what it was!

    (Wouldn't *Likely* Rewatch Ratings)

  • 7.5 - Wouldn't recommend it unless I knew someone liked this sort of show. 
  • 7 - It's okay. Not my favourite but good to waste some time.
  • 6.5 - Not great but not horrible
  • 6 - Very sub-par. Wouldn't rewatch it unless a friend wanted me to

    (Wouldn't Rewatch *At All*)

  • 5.5 - Something really rubbed me the wrong way / would not suggest
  • 5 - Not for me. Would ONLY suggest for memes or if you've nothing else to watch.
  • 4.5 - Story was incoherent / People were insufferable. Not worth the watch
  • 4 - I wouldn't rewatch this. It did not sit well with me in particular.
  • 3.5 - Made me feel physically uncomfortable *or* was an irritating watch all in all.
  • 3 - Would actively deter friends from watching these unless I *knew* it was something they could enjoy in any way
  • 2.5 - Was not worth my time. Very likely needed to 1.5x speed to get through it or FF for most of the series.
  • 2 - If it fell here, I truly disliked it but either the cast/production kept it from falling lower.
  • 1.5 to 0.5 - I'm grouping these... if they fell anywhere here, I just truly hated these. I do not suggest them to *any* audience
  • 0 - I don't think any series should ever warrant a 0. At this point, I would have put it on my Dropped / Do Not Watch lists.


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