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My Dear Gangster Oppa
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by Ahieny
Dec 14, 2023
8 of 8 episodes seen
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Overall 7.0
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 6.5
Rewatch Value 5.5

A Journey from Excitement to Disappointment.

As a fervent MeenPing enthusiast and admirer of the outstanding chemistry between the actors, my initial enthusiasm for this series was at its peak. The connection they built in AilhongNhai left me emotionally invested in what seemed to be another promising installment. However, as the plot unfolded, the rollercoaster of emotions turned into a tumultuous journey with more downs than ups.

The first episodes were a delight, offering compelling moments and acceptable action scenes that held my attention. However, as we approached the conclusion, the plot seemed to lose its way, careening downhill without brakes. The figure of the "villain," Kenji, or as I prefer to call him, turned out to be a monumental letdown. Far from embodying the genuine malevolence I expected, he became a confusing and unconvincing character.

Adding to the disappointment, many of the secondary characters seemed to contribute nothing substantial to the narrative. Their presence felt extraneous, lacking the depth or development needed to enhance the overall story.

Moreover, the action scenes in the final episode were a particular low point. It appeared as though the mobsters had never handled a weapon in their lives. The choreography and execution were subpar, detracting from the intensity and realism that should accompany such crucial moments in a series of this genre. Additionally, the feeling that they attempted to hastily wrap up the last episode without care contributed to a rushed and disappointing final experience.

The combination of a lackluster villain, underdeveloped secondary characters, poorly executed action sequences, along with a rushed closure, ultimately left me with a bitter taste. In future endeavors, I hope MeenPing focuses on holistic storytelling, ensuring that every character, whether main or supporting, contributes meaningfully to the overall narrative, and that action scenes are executed with the finesse they deserve, avoiding the sense of haste in the conclusion.

postscript, I must note that I give this rating considering the first half was quite good; however, the ending significantly impacted my overall perception.

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