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Good-bye Mr. Black
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by 2013started

May 20, 2016
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Overall 7.0
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 7.0
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I was liking it but it kinda lost its wholeness. 1) I still cannot pinpoint when he did fall in love with her; 2) the lead actor looks good on screen but his acting is sort of forced - like the when he smiles, it is like asking somebody to say "cheese";; 3) the director was showing that Mr. BLack's team had it all together and yet there were allot of like unnecessary mistakes they made as a team as they make the revenge; 4) the 5 years in the plot seems unrealistic, and is not cohesive to the whole story (I'm trying not to divulge the story here); 5) the revenge/twist - I've had enough of it... They could have ended this at 16 eps; 6) the evil guy was first very composed in the beginning and then at the end they made him laugh the "evil laugh" , like totally out of character; 7) this guy got out in 2 years of being in prison and they go back to the couple ( it was obvious, it was not even in the same time frame) This is still watchable, but when it comes to crimes, laws, the story has to be really tight. The twists in the story was pretty good, but I can only take so much "twisting" before I begin to just say, just get on with it... So, yes, I do have gripes about it but I have seen worst dramas.
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