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Sep 22, 2018
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Overall 7.5
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I somehow enjoyed the series except for a few episodes, but there was something missing that could have made it even more worth the watch...the emotions portrayed by the Male lead and Female lead were not raw enough for me (especially when they got so emotional), Joen Jung Hoon who played Min Soek showed more emotions that he even could fool his "wife" (the manipulation and blackmail is too much)quote in English "believe me even if I am lying" (by Min Soek)

Anyhoo it's strongest part was to keep you glued for the next episode, however it should have been less than 20 episodes in my more thing the last episode though , I was like "wtf just happened did someone perhaps fastforward without letting me process what's happening?"that really annoying me

At times I just wished that the "doppelganger" Eun Nah would come back to life that moment when Byun Ji Suk was confessing to everyone (that twist would have made my day)

I would recommend it still just don't have high expectations but you will surely want more after each episode

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