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Fall in Love at First Kiss
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by Roxxu

12 days ago
Overall 9.5
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
This review may contain spoilers
I don't usually like to write reviews, I prefer to read them but this adaptation deserves to be appreciated.

Itazura na Kiss was my first anime so it is understandable (at least for me) that I/the child in me will be forever fond of the story. I loved all the other adaptations but none have of them moved me like the anime or like the movie "Fall in love at First Kiss" so do not hesitate and go to watch it now !!!!!!!!!!

Longer review below....
If you don't want the spoilers, STOP here....

Story 10/10: It's kind of childish but I'm completely biased here ... it will always be a 10 for me even though it was changed quite a bit (after all this is an adaptation)
Acting 10/10: The movie has the best version of the characters... most importantly this version of Kotoko is not crazy annoying and this version of Irie is visibly falling in love with her, so the actors are a perfect fit for the story and for each other... attention - insane screen chemistry . Supporting cast was also better and not over the top like in the other adaptations or like in the anime.
Music 9/10: Good for the atmosphere in the movie but I won't listen to it on repeat any time soon
Rewatch Value 10/10: When I will need a pick me up I will definitely watch it again - I feel recharged and I'm full of good vibes after finishing the movie
Overall impression 9.5/10 – it’s not epic but very very good .... I rarely give 10/10 - I have only 3 dramas that I have rated with 10/10 (I've watched around 200)

I remember that I cried tears of happiness when I watched the anime, like 10 years ago, the first time being at the confession scene in the rain ...of course.... more specifically at "you don't need to count them anymore" line, referring at the number of kisses that Kotoko and Irie shared and the second time, at the end, the scene with their little girl when mother and daughter were "fighting" for Irie's love and attention.

The movie made me cry (probably because I’ve got overwhelmed by nostalgia … which is actually very good for the movie) at the last scene, the confession labeled as "the most important speech in my life" and the tears kept coming especially at the marriage proposal with the math paper thingy and the result 0 (which he calculated correctly this time because she didn’t initially) which meant that they were destined to get married.

The movie kept the overall idea, changed some of the most important scenes (no confession in the rain) but overcompensated with funny moments like the sheets design (one side awake and one side sleeping… you will know when you see it) and the interminable love letter (which I found adorable and awesome and brilliant … Zhi Shu didn’t stand a chance from that moment on … and who would????) and with of the charts fluffiness and chemistry between the leads so kudos to the entire staff for ingeniosity and for the actors that really have brought this story to life

The only bad thing - it was tooooo short so a little bit rushed ... I think everybody will want moooooore after watching it

For me at least this adaptation will be hard to surpass since I find it the best in terms of feelings so go and watch it, it's a gem!!!!

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